6 Tips For Content Creation In Trust Marketing

With our method of trust-building blocks, we show what is essential in online marketing when communicating trust. But what is most important when creating suitable content for trust marketing?

To Classify Trust Marketing

Trust is an increasingly important value in marketing. In times of growing competition from online trade and international competitors, companies can no longer position themselves solely on the quality of their products.

Especially when addressing potential new customers, a leap of faith is elementary. As a company, you achieve this through the communication of trust, trust marketing.

Reputation has to be distinguished. This describes the excellent reputation that precedes you. So if, for example, a buyer advises his colleague to take a look at your website, he has already had a good experience, you will benefit from this reputation. However, this must then be confirmed online.

Trust marketing should also not be confused with broadcasting your trustworthiness. Other factors apply when you meet your new customer on the phone, in an online meeting, or in person. Your empathy, resemblance to the prospect, voice, appearance, and much more are decisive here. Trust marketing describes the still anonymous stage before that.

Trust Marketing Through Your Website Content

There is practically no business in which you do not present yourself via your website. The content there, i.e., the texts, images, and videos that you publish there, are essential for your business. What are the essential tips to heed here?

Always Communicate From The Customer’s Point Of View

I experience it again and again, especially in the B2B area. But it’s also too tempting; after all, you are incredibly proud of your excellent products and services. Nevertheless: Only the interests and needs of your customers count online. It would help if you always talked about that first. And only then present the solutions (your products) for it.

When your new customers realize that you understand them, that creates trust. Very important: Answering questions is becoming increasingly important. Mobile usage of your website continues to increase. And on mobile, users are becoming more accustomed to asking Google (spoken) is more accessible than typing. To analyze which questions your new customers would like to have answered.

The first question is always: Am I in the right place here? So quickly show who you are and what you do.

And then there is a long list of other questions. These can be excellently analyzed online. Just look at what questions Google lists when you enter your most important keywords. The answers to these questions should be reflected on your website.

It’s different on the desktop, of course. Individual keywords are still entered here. So it depends on your target group what you focus on. Ideally, you might even have different content for mobile and desktop.

The same always applies to the content on your website—no matter whether mobile or on the desktop. Ask yourself what your customers get out of using your product. What is his ideal outcome? It would help if you wrote about that.

Use Video

Videos are an excellent tool for conveying trust. If they are well done. Without arrogance. Approachable. The customer is in focus. Not too long. Not too loud – also in a figurative sense. That means, for example, without large fonts in bright colors. They want to exude confidence, not promote the latest sale.

Only The Best Photos Are Convincing

Company photos are great. But unfortunately, not everywhere. Especially not in times when the majority of employees are working from home. Management photos are the bare minimum.

Think carefully about how you want to appear. A friendly face to the person you are at eye level is not always the optimal expression. Think of a doctor or counselor in a crisis. The absolute authority with a hint of arrogance can come across as entirely trustworthy. But not too much, please.

Unfortunately, the following also applies here: please save elsewhere. Good photographers are always worth their money. Top equipment still takes better pictures than your smartphone. After all, you don’t want to change the photos on your website so quickly. It is always worth investing a little more here.

Your Text Deserves More Attention

The text must be correct. Spelling mistakes are a no-go. In many industries, what you publish online must be checked legally. And the SEO specifications must usually be observed.

But the most crucial thing: See before – write from the point of view of your customers.

And please don’t write boringly. Even if you produce small electronic parts, you can describe this cleverly.

The time spent on websites is getting shorter and shorter. Users often say goodbye after a few seconds. No wonder. Most websites are standardized through and through. Nobody enjoys reading it. And the longer you keep your customers on your website, the more time you have to get across the vital information to build trust.

Do Not Skimp On The Positive Results Of Your Work

Modesty is an ornament. But not online.

The nuts and bolts of trust marketing are your previous results. Show references. Use statements from customers. Preferably as a video where possible. Otherwise, picture plus quote.

There are several other communication methods for your results; before/after pictures are appropriate in some industries. Numbers can summarize and quickly convey the sheer volume of your results. Did you receive an award for your results? Are ratings from online portals common in your industry? Or simply the customer experiences that appear in the Google comments? And last but not least, positive reports in the media show the value of your work results.

As you can see, there are many ways to present your work. This is how you create trust. Use what works best for your industry and your company.

Blogs Or Stories Are Highly Recommended

Why is that now? What should we write there? And how do you keep it up to date?

Nevertheless: It has to be, not only to make your SEO manager happy. To differentiate: stories are longer than blog posts. They are updated much less frequently. Instead, they contain more valuable content in videos, infographics, and the like.

Both methods are excellent for showing your expertise and passion for the subject. There is nothing better than a blog to demonstrate your comprehensive competence in all critical areas.

Conclusion On Content Creation In Trust Marketing

To communicate trustworthiness, your website not only has to be professionally designed. All content, from photos to videos to texts, deserves your full attention and the necessary budget for creating the content. You should always think of your customers first and show what is relevant to them. If you then add a blog or well done, it should look good for your trust marketing.

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