8 Best Slack Apps & Integrations Used by Highly Effective Teams in 2022

When Slack was first launched, it was to enhance communication at workplaces. The app became more than a communication tool with remote working on the rise. It became an asset for a majority of organizations looking to enhance productivity. Slack not only removes communication hurdles but also streamlines operations for better efficiency.

4 Key Advantages of Using Slack

  1. Individual channels: Slack allows you to organize conversations with the help of channels. You can create public and private channels depending on communication requirements and reduce the chances of missing out on important information or miscommunication.
  2. Easy accessibility: The Slack application is available on all devices, such as PCs and mobiles, so that you can access conversations, files, and documents from anywhere and at any time.
  3. Alternative to emails: Slack has less restrictive features, which makes it a decent alternative to emails. It is easier to send files, images, and documents of larger sizes on Slack than via email.
  4. Easier navigation: Slack makes it easier to communicate as well as find necessary information. You can instantly locate previous messages, files, and other items with a search.

With Slack boosting workplace productivity, it is a tool that most use to achieve higher efficiency and better work-life balance. Its app integration feature takes it further to improve organization and time management. For teams looking to enhance workspace performance with the help of Slack, here’s a look at some of the best Slack apps and integrations for higher productivity.

8 Slack Apps & Integrations to Help Create Highly Effective Teams

  1. Monday.com: Slack integration with Monday.com helps you improve real-time task organization. You can create new tasks and even projects from within Slack conversations. The app can also help deliver notifications through the Slack app. It helps reduce unnecessary interruptions and distractions by eliminating the need to jump from one app to another.
  2. Pulse: Having to go back and forth to update your status on Slack can be time-consuming, especially when taking care of multiple activities. In situations like this, automating your status can be handy. With Pulse, your status updates itself for you, thus minimizing your worry of constantly changing it yourself. Integrate the app with your requirements and let it work itself. You won’t have to worry about showing yourself as “active” all day.
  3. Nectar: Recognizing employees and teammates for their hard work helps them feel appreciated. It lets them know that their time and effort are paying off and that they bring value to the workplace. With Nectar, you can show colleagues your appreciation through positive and encouraging messages. It sends notifications as regular Slack messages without interrupting daily workflow.
  4. Evernote: With the Evernote integration, you can brainstorm new ideas, jot meeting discussions, or pen down any other thought into Slack conversations. You can also use Slack to search for any particular note from within the app, which saves time and lets you find things quickly.
  5. DevRev: DevRev is, API-first, Dev CRM that leverages data, design, and machine intelligence to empower developers to build, support, and grow their businesses. The platform that connects developers to customers and helps organizations become Customer and Product centric. DevRev PLuG platform provides an easy-to-use experience that empowers your end users and customer-facing teams with ready access to relevant information to enable more effective communication. Our intention isn’t just to enable a support team, it’s to shift the way customer support and success are approached to benefit the end user, the organization, and the customer support and success team(s).
  6. Zoho CRM: With Zoho, you can access data from sales, marketing, or inventory departments and act on them quickly. The integration brings all necessary data under a single system so that all team members on Slack can access it as and when required.
  7. Favro: It is a scheduling application that you can use for tasks, time tracking, and even for building invoices. The Favro integration allows you to use Slack messages for setting up everything by inputting all necessary details. It lets you be more transparent and manage activities more conveniently.
  8. Range: It helps check in on team members, especially when running a large organization. It allows members to be in sync without constant communication, thus increasing the focus time for all. The app is free for ten members but will require a fee if you need to use it for more employees.
  9. Hrvey: The app can be used for better leave management of employees. You can integrate it into the Slack app for convenient use. The integration will send you timely reminders about employees taking time off so you can account for any work necessary with a lower workforce.


With different Slack integrations, the workflow can become more convenient and seamless. It structures communication, task organization, time management, and more to enhance productivity within an organization. It also helps teams stay on track with all deadlines and gives them a better work-life balance. You can use different apps within Slack to ensure that work flows smoothly and that you reach all targets on time.

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