Conquering Local Search Results: Our Best Tips

There is no flowerpot to be won at the bottom of the SERPs. Only those found on the first page and among the first 10 local search results can increase their success and thus sales. Professional local SEO is the stable foundation.

Local Success Starts With Local Service

Search engine optimization agencies are a dime a dozen. But if you want to be known in your city, you should consider something fundamental when choosing an SEO agency at your location. It’s the same with all local companies, and what could be more evident than hiring a local specialist?

As can be seen here, the search is not difficult and leads to the goal with just a few details. After entering the location and the service you are looking for, you get the best results and give other local companies the chance to establish themselves in their catchment area.

Optimizing success is a matter of trust and requires personal support. Therefore, the best and most important tip is that you should look for a local provider and thus make an essential contribution to economic growth at your location.

“Local Patriotism” – Because Customers Are Looking Close To Where They Are

Anyone who runs a local shop, restaurant, or practices primarily attracts customers and visitors from the immediate vicinity. But for new customer acquisition to work, you first have to take care of visibility. It doesn’t matter whether the shop is in the pedestrian zone or a little off the beaten track on the outskirts of town.

Because you don’t search while strolling in the city center, but by looking at the smartphone in which you have set Google Maps, entries in business directories such as Google My Business are just as important.

But how does that work with local visibility in the top results? Customers who search at their location always combine the query with a location. This means that location is an integral part of keywords and must also be found in the image metadata, URL, and alt tags.

Use Evaluation Portals – “Rank” Honest Customer Opinions

In the pre-digital age, word of mouth was an important milestone on the ladder of success. Nothing has changed, only that recommendations have shifted to the digital world. Getting good reviews from happy customers is more important than any strategy in SEO.

Today it is almost impossible to win customers and address them far away from the Internet using traditional methods. The more authentic customer opinions about a company, the better the local ranking.

Tip: Anyone who asks customers for reviews and has a “little thank you” ready conquers the local search results in no time.


In the basic principle, local SEO does not differ from the wide-ranging, global optimization for search engines. However, it mainly depends on the local findability since the majority of all customers and clients search in the vicinity of their location. Optimization experts recommend business directories, location-based keywords, and of course, a Google Maps entry.

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