CRM For Industry: Which Are The Best?

A sales CRM can help a lot in the company’s critical processes, winning new leads, organizing contacts, improving customer relationships and much more. We have selected some of the leading CRM options focused on the industrial sector.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, industrial sector processes need greater efficiency, speed and reliability. Part of this is achieved with modern management techniques, leveraging team productivity. Moreover, more advanced and developed software also leverages the entire internal structuring process, bringing greater efficiency.

We have already listed the best ERPs for the Industry, and in this article, we will list the best CRM software. In this way, you will be able to revolutionize and modernize your company, bringing more dynamism and quality of delivery to your customers.

The Business Process In Industry

In an industry, unlike most sectors, the sales process is usually characterized as extraordinarily long and on much larger scales, both in supply and in the value of contracts. In this way, it is also very delicate since any error or lack of information can lead to the loss of a deal. 

There are three major types of sales channels in the Industry. In the first place comes the internal sellers, who are allocated within the company and carry out the entire process remotely, either by telephone or contact via the internet. Then come the external salespeople, who visit customers and hold face-to-face meetings. Typically, they will be more focused on big sales that make the investment in travel worthwhile. Finally, third-party companies earn a portion of the profit by selling their supplies. 

Each of them follows a well-defined process: 

  • Inventory check;
  • Receipt of the order or demand to close the sale;
  • Negotiation of values;
  • Confirmation of the offer and sale;
  • Order issuance.

The whole process is interdependent and linked. It is only possible to perform a step if the other is working. For example: have you ever thought about offering a massive demand to a large customer if there is no stock available? You would burn a prospect that would yield significant profitability for the company and be tarnished in the market. 

The ERP helps in this process but only covers the sales management part. That’s where the CRM comes in. 

Application Of A CRM In The Industry

If you got to this article, you should already know ​​what CRM is, right? But it costs nothing to recap. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a philosophy that puts a customer first in your business. With the advent of industry 4.0, customers are no longer looking for services or products but for success and qualified experiences. 

In this way, CRM software is one of the main elements of this chain. It ends up facilitating the whole process, monitoring the sales funnel and ensuring that all data is assertive and reliable. Without it, the sales process in an industry becomes entirely based on guesswork and without information exchanges. 

For this, the work of all involved is also necessary. The philosophy or the CRM software only works if the team is dedicated to recording sales, their progress and the entire process within the system since it depends on the quality of the information provided. That way, everything will be more assertive.

What Are The Prerequisites For Choosing The Best CRM? 

The purpose of CRM is to make the entire industry sales funnel dynamic and accessible. They can come with funnel digitalization or with extra functions that justify this process as a whole. 

More than funnel management alone will be needed as it will be a small thing for the seller to go through all the stress of adopting the CRM. If it is full of new functions, it can also become an obstacle to spend considerable time mastering the software, making it impossible for the commercial team to use it.

In this way, it is necessary to focus on a CRM that balances these two extremes: offer functions that add to the sales process and, at the same time, are easy to assimilate for the commercial consultant to be able to use. 

It is also essential to ensure that it has a good usability and is stable and reliably delivers data and protects it. 

The Best CRMs For The Industry

To help you with the process of choosing the right CRM for the industry, we decided to list the best ones on the market here:

  • Atendare Vendas is a sales CRM tool. The software brings features such as opportunity management, pipeline management and task scheduling. In addition, you can create goals and multiple sales funnels.
  • Blooms: Blooms offers a CRM focused on the industry sector, combining commercial management, sales funnel and document automation (proposals, contracts and budget requests). 
  • RD Station CRM: Whose flagship is marketing automation software, performs commercial control, centralizing important information for the sales funnel. It has a free version and offers training e-books.
  • Oracle Sales Cloud: With Oracle’s Sales Cloud, you have access to a robust CRM with advanced and predictive analytics, social collaboration tools and dynamic dashboards, all to help your team increase sales. The product offers to price on request and a free evaluation for testing.

Pipedrive: Pipedrive is a dynamic CRM serving various sectors and sizes of different companies. The most basic versions of the system cost R$45.00 and offer training via video class, e-book and text.  

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