Digital Transformation In Companies: What Changes In IT?

Digital transformation has been causing significant changes. One of its portraits, for example, is the prediction made by the Gartner Institute that, by 2020, 50 billion devices should be connected to the internet.

The impacts of these changes can already be felt in different segments. But the adaptation process is gradual. It is about behavior change and, above all, mentality. The mindset previously applied to a mechanical routine is now being transformed by the interference of digital innovations.

Behind all the technological features in our routines, available in apps and within reach, there are companies. And areas that are also influenced by the environment. This is the case in the IT sector. After all, how can we talk about data sharing and governance without the area in charge of supporting the entire system?

In summary, the digital transformation movement involves adopting digital technologies at all stages of the business value chain to increase revenue and productivity. The automation routine reduces costs, streamlines processes and allows the company to reallocate professionals to more strategic positions.

Digital Transformation And The Impacts On IT

Digital transformation still encounters certain obstacles to perpetuate within some companies. The main difficulty lies in the field of investment. The decision to buy or upgrade technology has the potential to do a great deal of damage to the budget if not correctly calculated. Therefore, it is necessary to study the possibilities and strategies to join this movement without further damage.

The new business and operating models suggested by the digital transformation require a new posture from the IT sector within companies. It is up to IT specialists to monitor the quality of the tools and solutions used during the process and to clarify business objectives.

Thus, it is the role of the IT area to remain involved in the entire process, from the definition of technologies and tools for the execution of the processes to the improvement of the final result, which is disclosed to the external public and directly impacts the image and relevance. of the organization.

Faced with the expansion of technological possibilities, IT has become much more participatory throughout the management process. The new objectives of the sector must be focused on the short and long term, as they relate to day-to-day actions and the company’s future objectives in alignment with the moment of digital transformation.

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To take better advantage of digital transformation, it is necessary to focus on the aspects that refer to the new objectives of the IT sector within the organization. These ideas must be aligned with the company’s overall values ​​and projections.

Need To Develop A Customer-Focused Approach

In this new digital ecosystem, understanding customer motivations is essential to guide the course of actions aimed at selling products and services. For example, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools is essential to keep monitoring active in different networks and filter contact with potential customers.

A Methodology Based On Service Quality

The methodology adopted by the IT sector must consider the service performed and the quality of that service, in line with the company’s goals and expectations in commercial terms. Hence the importance of the IT sector to be more active and present, at this moment, for taking strategic decisions in relation to the future directions of the business.

Encourage Team Proactivity

Faced with the need for a more participatory posture and the more decisive role played by the IT sector, proactive and engaged professional behavior with the sector’s purposes is essential to walk towards success in actions. Communication-based systems integration is ideal for streamlining internal processes.

Meet customer interest, focus on service quality and encourage team participation and proactivity. These three measures are essential to projects not only for IT but for the company as a whole, generating good short-term and long-term results.

The challenge of adapting to digital transformation exists, but success can be achieved based on team cooperation and proactivity. To maximize results, it is ideal to have specialized support in this transition.

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