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It was when companies depended on traditional media vehicles to publicize a brand, product, or service. With the evolution of the Internet and massive access to smartphones, B2C or B2B contact has become direct and segmented. In rational media outlets, the focus was on reaching as many people as possible, then finding your target audience in the crowd. With digital tools, you create targeted campaigns for whom you want.

In addition to using social networks and open marketplaces, companies can have their own online space, customizing it their way, monitoring traffic, and mapping data to generate insights. Create a website, a blog, or your e-commerce and adapt them to your business model, depending on a good base, which can be hosting or a dedicated server, depending on the size of your strategy.

How Can A Business Grow On The Internet?

The Internet offers several paths to grow companies of all sectors and sizes. It is possible to grow successfully using social networks, studying their operation, algorithms, and target audience.

Another way to grow is by using big marketplaces to sell products and services to people worldwide. And, for those looking for a more solid strategy, it is possible to grow and create their infrastructure based on a dedicated service, which will be the basis for creating a robust project with websites, management systems, blogs, commerce, etc.

Below are some basic tips to start this strategy.

Take Your Time

What is your company’s current digital maturity level? Knowing how to answer this question will be important to define the steps to follow so you can chart your path toward growth on the Internet.

Be bold and make mistakes because the best growth strategies on the Internet were built brick by brick, with trial and error, until you arrive at the formula that works for the company.

First, you need to define your target audience, then discover how this audience behaves on the Internet, the social networks they use, the hours they are active, how they communicate, etc. From there, you can adjust your content to reach them and prepare strategies for conversion.

You can use, for example, A/B testing strategies to refine your content. You must create two different contents with the same objective and identify which one is more successful.

For example, you create a landing page with warm colors and another with cool colors and analyze the data to see which one got the highest click-through rate.

Understand The Difference Between Producing And Consuming Content

This is a common mistake for those starting online strategies, needing to understand the difference between the consumer and the content producer. The fact that we are connected 24 hours a day on our smartphones can give a false impression that we already know how the internet works and the most successful content.

But there are two important points in this question. The first is that the target audience for your products or services has a different digital consumption profile than you. What you find interesting and engaging might work better for them.

The second point to be analyzed is that a company’s work to grow on the Internet is based on more than just what the lead will see on the screen. A whole plan behind a digital strategy involves:

  • Data analysis.
  • Choosing the best tools.
  • Creating good content.
  • Selecting the best professionals.
  • Choosing good hosting and servers, among others.

Don’t Focus On Quantity

You don’t need to have millions of followers for your strategy to be considered a success; you need to target the right people. Engagement is a term widely used in digital strategies that are key to success.

You have a good engagement if you have a thousand followers and each digital material you produce reaches 600 people. Your product or service will reach interested people, increasing your conversion chances.

On the other hand, if you have 100 thousand followers and your materials only attract the attention of a thousand, your strategy is failing at some point; after all, 99 thousand people who follow you are not receiving or interested in what you are offering them.

Did you realize that quantity doesn’t make a difference? You need to reach the right audience at the right time with the right content to drive them where you want them to go. To grow on the Internet, you need to have objectives as a basis for planning:

  • your audience needs to find your company;
  • your content should generate interest;
  • it would help if you delivered some value to them;
  • Without consistency, there is no engagement.

Why Is It Important To Have Good Hosting?

No matter how good social networks are for digital marketing strategies and other actions on the Internet, your company needs to have its own space. We can even bring a sports metaphor that works well in this context: a team always plays better at home; after all, it is there every day and knows all the paths and shortcuts.

When you have your website, e-commerce, chatbot, and forms integrated into a single server designed for your strategies, you become the master of the whole situation.

Even if you don’t have an extensive team of professionals, you can outsource the operational part, contacting a managing server or hosting and a development team to launch your website and e-commerce. The important thing is that you have a place where you can direct your leads attracted from the multiple possible channels, an environment that looks like your company.

Our post helps with your strategies to grow online. Start brick by brick, know your target audience, and have your environment to target your future customers. To guarantee this base, count on a good hosting server provided by a provider that treats your company as a business partner.

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