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Do You Know What Encryption Is? Learn More About This Innovative Technology!

Data has become essential elements for several areas of human development. After all, we generate data all the time, and they can be used for different purposes, which can be positive or negative depending on the intention. 

With that, data security also needed to be reinforced; after all, it became a target of many malicious intrusions to harm the user. Given this, data encryption and decryption technology have been developed to combat this. Also know the latest Bitcoin SV News and Government Enterprise Utility Blockchain information Gain insights.

What Is Encryption? 

In a simplified way, we can define cryptography as an advanced technology to protect data, in which the password is replaced by algorithms whose function is to guarantee greater data security. 

In this way, cryptography brings together a set of mechanisms that aim to encode information, restricting access only to people with authorization for it.

Given this, this data protection technology is widely used in cipher text messaging exchanges, emails sent between senders and recipients, cryptocurrency technology, etc.

Therefore, only the issuer can decode the primary information, preventing access by third parties who need to be well-intentioned, which significantly increases the security of the procedure.

Very interesting. Now that you know the definition of this concept, how about understanding its main features? See the topic below! 

What Is Encryption Used For?

The main functions of cryptography are the ability to provide reliability, preserve the integrity of personal information, and guarantee data availability. 

Thus, Encryption can be helpful whenever some reliable information is preserved, whether in an exchange of messages or the storage of data on a hard disk. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this mechanism follows SSL/TLS encryption protocols, reinforcing the fight against the possible harms unwanted intrusions can cause.

Therefore, this technology has countless applications in our daily lives, ranging from simple everyday situations to complex situations involving bureaucracy and relevant information.

To learn more about when the use of Encryption is recommended, be sure to follow the next topic where this subject will be covered, see!

When Should Encryption Be Used?

As previously mentioned, the use of cryptography is quite flexible and can be adapted to different situations. However, the rule is that its use is recommended in every case where data protection is required. 

Aligned with its goal of combating intruders harmful to your data, encryption technology is a mechanism that prevents many problems with your privacy and the integrity of your information.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in the case of loss or theft of mobile devices, Encryption is the resource that can prevent your data from being accessed and your information from being violated. 

But, there is not just one type of Encryption for all protections; they can be distinguished into two main types: symmetric and asymmetric, depending on the complexity. To learn more about this, see the following topic!

What Are The Types Of Encryption? 

We have already seen the concept of cryptography, its main functionalities, and when its use is more pertinent. Given this, the time has come to find out what types of Encryption exist and their main characteristics! 

Symmetric Encryption 

Symmetric cryptography is the simplest form of this technology and is therefore intended for more informal information protections that do not require a high degree of protection and privacy.

This is because this technology is represented by only one cryptographic key, such that the key is created by an algorithm and has the function of encoding and decoding information.

In this way, both the sender and the recipient of a message can have access to its protection mechanism, which may not guarantee very efficient protection for sensitive information, as third parties can gain access to the key.

Asymmetric Encryption 

On the other hand, asymmetric Encryption has two encryption keys; each will be responsible for a specific function, one for encoding information while the other decodes. 

Therefore, these keys, known as public and private, guarantee that only the sender can decode the code, which considerably increases the security of the procedure.

So much so that this type of Encryption is used in cryptocurrencies, which require a lot of reliability and integrity in their transactions.

Hash Functions 

In this type of cryptography, information is transformed, through the algorithm, into a fixed-length character sequence called Hash, which is an irreversible process. 

In this way, this type of security technology is very efficient and characterizes Blockchain management. 

Digital Signature 

Have you ever needed to sign a document digitally and were apprehensive about the security of this procedure? There is a type of cryptography called digital signatures to avoid this situation. 

In addition to the intended signature, codes have been implemented that guarantee the subscriber’s identity’s reliability, making the transition much more reliable and secure.

Therefore, cryptography is an efficient tool in data and information security, which can be used in different situations and prevent malicious attacks, guaranteeing the integrity of your data.

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