Forget About Spreadsheets & Invest In A Business Management System!

Does your company still rely on manual management of its sectors? In a scenario of intense and rapid technological advancement, you are likely missing out on great growth opportunities by not using a  business management system.

As soon as a company emerges, it is common for managers to use spreadsheets, as they are low-cost and straightforward tools to implement. However, as the business develops, automation becomes necessary and can be an essential requirement for orderly and lasting growth.

In this post, you will see why it is essential to modernize your daily business and invest in specific and complete software. Follow along!

Why Abandon Spreadsheets?

Digital transformation is a concept that is already part of the discourse of large companies in the market but can be used in any enterprise. After all, everyone has a common goal: modernize the business and grow in a structured way.

Even if you haven’t realized it yet, this process is already part of your daily life. Do you use GPS on your commute to work? Do you shop online? Do you use your cell phone to research questions? All of this has transformed our daily lives for the better, so why insist on leaving the company in the past?

Excel is a beautiful tool and has been helpful for many years. However, it is designed to run something other than a business. Several factors make it impossible to control processes and metrics in this tool and generate a loss of efficiency for the company.

Want an example? When you buy a product, you enter it in your spreadsheet, and the supplier must have already done the same. Then, the employee responsible for inventory will perform the same action, and, of course, the financial sector will as well. Have you noticed that an activity is repeated several times unnecessarily? Now, imagine that someone forgets to write off a piece of data: confusion ensues!

Spreadsheets Do Not Allow Data Crossing

Abandoning spreadsheets in company management is a strategic decision. This feature makes it impossible to cross-reference data between sectors and links in the supply chain and also harms the quality of service provided to the end customer.

Spreadsheets Harm The Fiscal Regularity Of The Business

Excel spreadsheets do not contribute to maintaining the business’s fiscal regularity. Currently, the State requires a series of measures from companies, such as SPEDs. Without a business management system, compliance with these obligations is practically impossible and can trigger fines and even the suspension of your activities.

ERP Optimizes Business Management

In addition to integrating departments, ERP eliminates the redundancy of information and makes it possible to measure the performance of the company, departments, and employees.

A sound system is capable of helping the company not only by looking at the past and present but also by predicting the future. Through it, you will be able to get answers, such as:

  • What will be the average revenue for the next quarter?
  • When is the best time to replenish stocks?
  • What is the sales volume achieved?

First Steps: Where To Start The Migration?

Do you want to migrate to a business management system? For this to happen safely and productively, it is necessary to adopt some good practices. They are the first steps towards a more modern and promising future. Follow along!

List Your Priorities

Do you already know what you want to achieve? Listing your priorities is the first step in transitioning from a manual to an automated model. For example, suppose your business decided to implement an ERP  because it is facing problems with financial control. In that case, it is interesting to establish the management of accounts payable and receivable as a priority.

Lean On Vendor Support

Every change creates insecurity. However, this can be minimized with the support offered by the system supplier. You must know how to use help and take advantage of the partner’s experience and knowledge to execute a quick and safe transition.

Have Copies Of The Data

Having a data backup is a security measure and should always be used in your business. After all, the loss of documents and business data is one of the most serious problems today.

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