Galaxy S21 Ultra: Camera Causing Problems? You Can Do That

Have you bought an expensive Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and wondered if the photos you take are often blurred? This can have many causes that you should get to the bottom of.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera with 108 MP, two telephoto lenses, and up to 10x optical zoom is one of the best cameras that you can currently carry around in a smartphone. On the other hand, there have been numerous problems with the software since the release. Samsung wanted to fix this with updates in May and July – but users still report difficulties that cannot be restored.

Do you also have the feeling that your S21 Ultra camera is not working satisfactorily? Are your pictures often out of focus, blurred, or does the camera always focus exactly on what you don’t want to focus on at all? It might just be an application or software problem. In rare cases, however, a hardware problem can also be the cause. To find out, follow the steps below and see if your camera can be brought back up to date. 

Check The Camera App For Updates

Now and then, it happens that updates of apps and operating systems do not appear immediately via push notification on your start screen. Therefore, if there are camera problems, always check whether an update is available – this often solves issues on the software side. To search for updates for the camera, go to the camera settings:

  • Look for the camera symbol on your phone
  • Hold it down until it wobbles
  • Select the small I for information
  • Select “Camera Settings”
  • Click on “Info about the camera” at the bottom

Here you can see whether the current version is installed or whether you can update it. If an update is available, install it and ideally restart your Galaxy S21 Ultra again. Now check if the problems with the camera are still there.

Clean And Examine The Camera

Before doing anything else, first, examine the outside of the camera lenses and the back of your smartphone. Take a microfiber cloth and clean the back of your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Fingerprints and grease stains, and other heavy dirt can affect the performance of your camera. Next, check whether the protective film (if you are using one) has slipped or is blistering on the camera. It is possible that you got dirt particles underneath while attaching it, which are now interfering with the camera.

Depending on whether and what type of case you use for your Samsung, you can also check whether something has come loose somewhere or something has slipped that gets in front of the smartphone’s camera in everyday life without you noticing. In worse cases, it can also be that you have deeper scratches on the protective glass of the camera lens, which affect the quality. This is, of course, extremely annoying, and the only remedy is usually to replace the glass. But don’t worry: Normally, minor scratches and signs of wear are not a problem. Only cracks or really deep scratches can interfere with the photograph.

Reset Camera Settings

If you’re not a professional photographer, you’re bound to feel the same way: The countless cryptic camera settings on top smartphones don’t mean anything to you. You want the safest and easiest solution to take the best possible photos, whatever the conditions. It can always happen that you accidentally set the wrong checkmark in the settings or activate a strange perspective, exposure or professional mode while handling. And then have no idea how to get back.

To delete all settings, the camera in your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can be reset to factory settings – and only the camera. Your smartphone and all of the data it contains remain unaffected. This also applies to your photos: you don’t have to worry about your pictures when resetting the camera. Therefore now proceed as follows:

  • Look for the camera symbol on your phone
  • Hold it down until it wobbles
  • Select the small I for information
  • Now click on “Storage” below
  • Then select “Empty cache” on the bottom right
  • Also, like “Erase data” at the bottom left (this option does not delete your photos!)

It also makes sense to restart your phone afterwards. If you now open the camera again, all settings are as they were at the beginning. Now uses test images to check whether the problems persist or whether the camera snaps back to normal.

Camera Exchange: When Nothing Helps

You may have tried everything at this point, and your camera is still behaving strangely. Especially if you have problems with the autofocus, the cause may be in the hardware. Numerous forum posts by S21 Ultra owners report that new issues have arisen since the camera updates in May and July. These concern the focus: This often does not work, seems to focus on random objects, but does not react to manual input by the user.

Some people can do this at short notice by holding their hand close to the lens and then removing it again – the camera will now focus again. Sometimes clearing the camera’s cache can fix the problem, but none of this is a permanent solution. If these issues affect you and all of the above hasn’t worked, it may be a hardware problem. Then it doesn’t help, and you have to contact Samsung support and send in your smartphone in the worst case.

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