Google Artificial Intelligence: Company Presents Innovations

Among the new features presented are AI features to display more relevant results differently, markers to identify important moments in videos, and new tools for journalists. Google presented this October 15th, during the Search On global event, how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied to improve its products and how it has helped the company to expand its mission of organizing the world’s information and making it accessible and valuable for everyone. The following is a summary of the novelties presented:

Using AI To Make Search Even More Useful

Google has invested heavily in research on language comprehension, and last year it showed how the BERT system has helped it deliver relevant results in Search. It will now be used in all surveys done in English, helping to show even higher quality results for people’s questions. In addition, there are other advances in sorting the most relevant answers, thanks to recent leaps in AI:

  • A new spelling algorithm, which uses a deep neural network, significantly improves the ability to identify and decipher typos.
  • Better ranking of the pages’ relevance allows for indexing pages and individual excerpts within them.
  • Sub-themes allow Search to display more diverse content when a person performs a broad or generic search.

Tags To Identify The Most Critical Moments In The Videos

With AI, it is possible to understand the semantics of a video in depth, automatically identifying the central moments and, in this way, marking these crucial passages so that the user navigates through a video as if they were going through the chapters of a book. For example, the person might be looking for a specific step in a cooking recipe; or you might want to watch the dunk that decided a basketball game in a video with the best match moments. This new feature allows you to find this specific scene type. The technology began to be tested this year, and by the end of 2020, the expectation is that 10% of Google searches will be using the new feature.

More Data And Statistics For Results

The Data Commons Project was also mentioned during the event. The open database, created in 2018 in partnership with international organizations, will make the information and data collected more accessible and valuable through Search. That way, when someone asks, “how many people are employed in the city of Chicago?” Thus, the statistics will be displayed in a visual and easy-to-understand format.

Explore Information In 3D

Lens and Search Augmented Reality (AR) features were also announced. These tools will help people learn, shop, and discover the world differently. For example, you can now use Lens to get step-by-step help with math, chemistry, biology, and physics problems.

What’s The Song, Google?

Through AI, Search can now help the user discover the name or lyrics of that song that they can’t get out of their head. Just open the Google app on your mobile device, click on the microphone and say, “what song is that?” or click the “search for a song” button and hum the tune for 10-15 seconds. This feature will be available on Android and iOS devices and can also be accessed via Google Assistant. In addition to discovering the song, the experience will also bring information about the lyrics, artist, and other versions of the song, for example.

New Resources For Journalists

Journalist Studio is Google’s new suite of tools to help journalists work more efficiently, securely, and creatively, thanks to technology. Pinpoint offers journalists all the advantages of Google Search within this set of tools. The feature helps reporters quickly scroll through hundreds of thousands of documents, automatically identifying and organizing the most frequently cited people, organizations, and places. Sign-ups for access to Pinpoint begin this week.

What’s New On Google Maps

Access to up-to-date and reliable information during the pandemic is essential in this unprecedented time. Google has introduced a series of improvements to help people navigate the world and carry out their activities safely and efficiently. Some of these improvements are:

  • Real-time updates on Google Maps about the occupancy of places show whether or not a particular place is packed at that moment so that the user can ensure social distancing;
  • New Live View feature in Google Maps that helps you get essential information about a store or restaurant even before the user enters the establishment;
  • Information about one of the places is displayed in Search and Google Maps. Security measures related to COVID-19 adopted by commerce will be highlighted in the profile of establishments. Thus, the user will be able to know, for example, if a restaurant is only open for reservations or if it is checking the temperature of customers entering the establishment.

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