Here’s Why Every Business Should Use A Proxy

The internet is both an amazing and scary place. Although it’s filled with useful information, you can also find a significant amount of harmful content. Therefore, internet users are at risk if they don’t find a proper way to protect themselves and their data online.

Proxy services are already widely popular, and people worldwide are accessing the internet through proxy servers. As cybercriminal activity can target both individual users and companies, businesses must also implement rigorous security measures.

If you’re not sure how important proxy servers are for businesses and organizations, we dive into greater detail here.

About proxy servers

First, let’s talk a bit more about what proxy servers are. Essentially, proxy servers are special systems designed to act as an intermediary between an end-user and the internet.

Traditionally, the internet user sends a direct request to the website owner when they want to visit an internet page. Similarly, the web page sends the requested data back to the user, after which the user can view the page and its contents.

This process is slightly different when there’s a proxy server involved. Namely, a proxy server is a gateway between the internet user and the internet, so all requests go through the proxy before they reach their final point.

Why bother with a proxy server when you can complete all these activities without it? Well, without a proxy server, the website owner gains access to various personal information and IP addresses. As a result, your online security and privacy could be easily compromised.

A proxy’s primary purpose is to mask the user’s real IP address and hide their personal information. Therefore, internet users are safer while browsing the internet.

Different types of proxies

There are numerous types of proxy servers. Here’s a list of the most popular ones.

Public proxy

Public proxies are available to everyone. They’re often free or come with the lowest fee. Public proxy servers offer their IP address to users, and even though they’re accessible and cheap, they offer the lowest level of protection.

Shared proxy

Shared proxies enable multiple users to use the same proxy. However, keep in mind all users receive the same IP address when using a shared proxy.

Residential proxy

Residential proxies are linked to a specific physical device. That means the residential proxy gives its users an IP address that’s easily traceable to a device where all requests come from.

Rotating proxy

Rotating proxies offer a different IP address to their users every time they connect to the internet. When using a rotating proxy, users won’t receive the same IP address two times in a row with the same device.

Distorting proxy

Distorting proxies hide their identity from websites by changing their IP address. Users can easily keep their real-life location masked when using a distorting proxy.

Reverse proxy

Unlike other proxies, which focus on the end-users, reverse proxies focus on web servers. These proxy servers receive requests from internet users and redirect them to the original servers.

SSL proxy

SSL (secure sockets layer) proxies are some of the most secure proxies. They encrypt the data on both sides, which secures an additional level of safety and protection. It’s the best option for companies and organizations that want to keep their data secure.

Proxy business use cases

If you’re thinking about how a US proxy can help your company, check out these proxy server business use cases.

Security enhancement

As the most prominent feature, businesses can enhance the level of security with proxy servers. With better safety, companies can rest assured their employees, and confidential data are kept secure.

Increase of privacy

Not all internet activity happening in your company has to be public. Proxy servers allow you to keep a large part of your internet browsing anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about who will access your information.

Internet traffic balance

Proxies balance the internet traffic in your company and thus prevent potential errors and computer program failures. As a result, you can have a more streamlined user experience.

Access to geo-targeted content

Using a US proxy will give you access to geo-targeted content. With it, you can break the boundaries set by the authorities and safely enjoy the content that isn’t available in your country or region. Learn more about US proxies and how they can help you in a blog post.

Final thoughts

Proxies are among the best solutions for improving your internet experience quickly and easily. Not only do they provide companies with additional security, but they also increase privacy, balance internet traffic, and overcome geo-targeted boundaries.

Since proxy servers equip businesses with all kinds of benefits, introducing them into your company is a must. If you still haven’t taken the necessary steps to equip your business with a proxy server, this is your sign to do so.

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