How To Clear Google Search History

Clearing your Google search history is the fastest and most effective way to prevent others from seeing your activity: how to delete it.

Everything you do on the web remains traceable: content posted on social networks, comments, actions performed on search engines, purchases, searches, and more. You need to clear your search history to prevent other people using the same computer or mobile device from having your Google activity list.

Deleting it is especially useful for removing important information companies, and organizations could use to offer targeted and relevant advertising. If you do not want to receive these, you should cancel them cyclically.

The removal of items (only some or all) from Google history can be done manually by users, following a few simple steps, or you can suspend the storage of activities.

What Is It, And What Is In Google History

  • Google browsing history is the list of all searches and pages viewed on the browser. It can be viewed on a personal computer or laptop from a desktop or personal mobile device on which Google Chrome is used as a browser. 
  • The list only contains pages visited on Google in the last 90 days, viewed videos, and searches. It is impossible to find those before this period, those already manually deleted by the user, and those visited with incognito browsing.
  • Navigation can be eliminated whenever deemed appropriate, both totally and partially. The deletion applies simultaneously on all devices where you are logged in with your Google account and on which synchronization has been activated.

How To View Google Search History From Android

  • The history can be deleted from any browser by accessing the Google page where all account activity is reported. Here you can view and manage your activities, such as searches performed, videos watched, and all websites visited. 
  • Open the Google application on your Android mobile device, click on your account at the top right, and select Manage your Google Account. On the page that opens, tap on Data and Privacy.
  • Scroll down to History Settings. Press on My Activities. Scrolling down on the page that opens, it will be possible to view the list of all the activities carried out.
  • By clicking on Details at the bottom of the element, you can receive more information, such as the date and time the action was performed, the browser from which it was accessed, the reasons for saving, and so much more.

How To View Google History From Desktop

To view the history from the desktop, open Google Chrome, log in with your credentials, and click on your profile picture at the top right. Select the Manage your Google Account item.

In the menu in the left sidebar, click on Data and Privacy and My Activities.

How To Delete An Item From Google History

  • To delete an activity from the history, access the My Activities page (from your desktop or Android mobile device) and locate the one you want to delete.
  • Once found, click the X next to the activity. Confirm your intentions by clicking Delete. The activity is permanently deleted and is no longer associated with the account.

How To Delete Multiple Activities From The History

  • To delete multiple activities, go to the My Activities page, where there is a list with all the searches carried out and the sites visited, and click on Delete. Choose from the following options:
    • Last hour
    • Last day
    • From the beginning
    • Custom Range
  • If you choose From Start, select the activity types you want to remove from the list and click Next. If you choose a Custom interval, you must enter the desired period’s start date and end date.

How To View And Delete Search History From iPhone

  • To eliminate searches on an iOS device, view the Google activity page from the browser by logging into your personal Google account. Click on Delete and choose whether to delete those relating to the last hour, the last day, a time interval, or from the beginning. Click Next and click Delete.
  • To delete a single item, locate it within the list presented in the activity list and click the X next to it. Confirm your will. 

How To Suspend Activity Storage

From your desktop or mobile device, access your account management area. Click on Data & Privacy and navigate to the Settings section of History. Turn off Web & App Activity by clicking the corresponding button. On the page that opens, click Deactivate.

After reading your action’s consequences, click on Suspend and Ok.

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