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How To Sell In E-Commerce: The 7 Best Tips For Selling Online

Want to know how to sell in e-commerce? Being present in virtual stores has become a requirement for large and small companies. Understand how to implement the proper techniques in your business with the tips below.

Contrary to what you might think, there is no magic formula that guarantees more sales in your e-commerce. This is because each segment follows a different type of strategy that works within its particularities.

However, what exists is a series of good practices already applied by other successful e-commerces that generate satisfactory results. Therefore, our list below follows these already-known techniques that give an excellent boost to results.

Know Your Persona

More than establishing a target audience, it is essential that your business has a well-defined persona. 

Persona is nothing more than the personification of what your ideal customer would be. In other words, the creation of a semi-fictional person who represents everything your team looks for in a client.

Simply put, the persona is what guides your company when it comes to designing sales strategies. Knowing the suitable approaches to attract potential customers is essential to defining actions and taking advantage of direct contact opportunities.

With a persona in mind, it becomes easier:

  • Find the appropriate language to convince;
  • Discover the public’s pains and desires in order to resolve them;
  • Define promotions and marketing actions;
  • Produce valuable content that will be useful for nutrition;
  • Plan exclusive promotions and discounts;
  • Among many other benefits.

In other words, not working based on a pre-established persona is wasting excellent chances of reaching the audience qualified for sales. 

Know What To Sell

To have e-commerce, you first need to understand that selling online means selling to a specific market niche. The persona, which we mentioned above represents consumers who need something that only your business can offer.

This deviates from what we know as “selling to everyone,” mainly because everyone is a lot of people. 

Buy Good Suppliers

Now that you know what to sell, it’s time to find out where to find the perfect items. For those who do not produce their products, finding suitable suppliers can be quite a challenge.

The most advisable thing is to be able to count on more than one professional, working with two, three, or even more suppliers. This is because if one of them does not have the product available, the others can serve you and meet your audience’s demand.

This way, your consumers are not left hanging, and you avoid the risk of tarnishing your reputation due to a lack of logistical planning. A valuable idea is knowing how to manage supply chain resources to ensure that the store always has stock available.

Have Diverse Sales Channels 

In the virtual environment, it is always good to have more than one alternative for any possible problem. Therefore, knowing how to diversify sales channels means having additional resources to expand sales opportunities.

Today, there are several ways to maintain an online store available on the internet, such as sales on social networks, on marketplaces, or your domains. 

If your store is still a beginner, having a profile on a marketplace can be a successful bet. This is thanks to the large audience present in these virtual shopping malls and, even more importantly, their interest in products like yours.

In the case of your websites, there is still all the investment and dedication in marketing to attract potential customers. This, of course, is great, but it takes time and effort and can end up frustrating companies that need more urgent results.

Pay Attention To Pricing

A common question is how to calculate the price of items available for sale. If your company is starting, doubts can hit hard when defining values ​​, and questions about what would be more “fair” may arise. After all, it is an essential factor in measuring profits.

Pay attention to items such as demands, supplier costs, value of deliveries, and calculation of the contribution margin. Calmly define how this account will work and only then establish the final prices.

This is important to maintain a pricing standard, mainly to avoid waste or future losses due to incorrect accounts. Don’t be in a rush to do this; study the market well and see the best way to charge a fair and affordable price for those who buy.

This way, no one loses out, and your customer tends to come back when they feel they are not being exploited.

Work On Customer Retention Strategies

Attracting customers is a constant challenge that demands time and attention, but if it is already difficult to gain attention, keeping consumers loyal and active is even more complicated.

Invest in good service that supports the lead from the first contact to after-sales. Show that you care about those who make your e-commerce exist. Whether with promotional actions, discounts, gifts, free shipping policies, or a happy birthday message.

The idea is to build a humanized relationship and nurture it whenever possible. Thus, consumer trust is gradually gained, and the chances of loyalty increase significantly.

Keep An Eye On The Market

We recommend that you always keep an eye on retail market updates. Analyze the competition and study what large companies do to ensure their success. Seek to understand how your business fits into the current scenario.

Follow news about e-commerce and the market in general. Do not underestimate any information, as a small piece of information can be crucial to making the right decision for your company.

Not to mention, the shrimp that sleeps takes the wave! Staying up to date is essential for success!

Start Selling On E-Commerce

The truth is that online sales have never been as high as they have been in recent years, and knowing how to adapt can be a competitive differentiator.

The trend is for virtual facilities to be increasingly present in people’s daily lives. No matter the size of your business, knowing how to sell in e-commerce is taking a step further and betting on success on a new platform.

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