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How To Sell On Instagram

With more than a billion subscribers, Instagram has now become a social network for selling online. They can monetize everyone: from content creators to single merchants.

There are several ways to make money on Instagram, and in this guide, we will give you some tips to reach your earning goal.

Check Your Instagram Page

The first thing to do is check your Instagram page, starting with the most recent posts on your grid; in this way, you will understand your target or your followers that you want to become customers.

The information to be taken into account are:

  • Pain points: what do they hate, and how can you help them solve their problems?
  • Personal information: what are their passions? Are they married, single, or have children? How do they spend their free time?
  • Geographical information: where do they live? What work do they do, and how much do they earn?
  • Language: What kind of language do they want to be used to talk to them?
  • Shopping habits: how often do they buy on Instagram? What do they buy? What offers are they attracted to? What brands do they follow?
  • Connection points: What aspects of your posts can best connect with your customers? Because? Which storytelling techniques attract their attention?

Define Your Mission And Your Goals

Define your mission specifically. Start each goal you want to achieve with a verb to make it as attractive as possible, for example:

  • Attract 1000 followers per week
  • Collaborate with industry influencers
  • Increase the number of likes on posts
  • Diversify posts or columns with less interaction

You will also need to meet with a marketing consultant to monitor and analyze how close you are to your goals.

Define Your Sales Process

Defining the sales process is the most crucial part.

To structure a strategic sales process, it is essential to know where you want to go, but to do so, you have to imagine the end of each promo, funnel or what you want to offer.

Then map out your sales process with the customer journey in mind.

Make a list:

  • The funnels and lead magnets you will use
  • An offeror step for each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Who is responsible for tracking, analyzing and reporting sales
  • What value do you plan to provide to overcome common objections?

Being able to conceive a sales funnel is essential

To optimize the sales process, you need to design the posts, draft them at least a month in advance, and publish them in real-time.

Posting in real-time tells the Instagram algorithm that you are a very active user, leading to more engagement, shares, and likes.

But this is not enough. To see the success of sales on Instagram, it is necessary to link the strategy used and your mission to map the deals based on the leads acquired.

Here Are Some Of The Strategies That Have Been Most Successful On Instagram Today

Share Repurposed Content

Social media users are looking for helpful advice, information and insights. Therefore, informative and highly shareable content is an effective way to attract leads during the early stages.

In particular, graphic content helps when dealing with complex topics (e.g. engineering or science).

Get Creative With Offers, Discounts And Giveaways

A great way to sell on Instagram is to offer customers discounts on the products being sold but to do so; you need to be clear about their interests.

70% of millennials follow brands on social media, and more than half of them receive offers and incentives. But to get these types of users to follow you, you need to be creative.

For example:

  • Give discounts or giveaways whenever a holiday approaches
  • Giveaways every time a customer shares a post with a friend or via an Instagram Stories
  • Design a VIP program reserved for your ‘special’ customers.

Think Of Your Bio As A Billboard

The Instagram bio is an opportunity, which is given the proper attention, can help you sell and encourage your audience.

Add A Link To Your Shop Or Offer In Your Bio

If you want your customers to access your website more efficiently, you need to attach the link in your bio, particularly if you plan to run multiple campaigns with different sites.

To access your links directly from your Instagram profile, 

Share A Link To Your Latest Lead Magnet

Are you using an ebook to market your new business? Share a link to the lead magnet in your bio.

Share A Link To Your Latest Blog Post

To make your bio work, encourage your followers to visit it; when you share a post about your latest product line, add a call to action ( CTA ).

Create A Video Strategy For Instagram

Creating a video on Instagram is now a must for all brands that want to stay competitive.

Instagram offers several video formats:

  • IGTV Video: Longer videos that can be uploaded to your profile
  • Video Story: Videos that last 24 hours
  • Video Ads: Videos set up as paid ads by Instagram managers
  • Live Video: Videos broadcast live on the Instagram feed
  • Grid Video: Medium-length video on your Instagram grid.

Video content is a great tool to use on Instagram

Another Instagram strategy is the Reels, so popular that they deserve their section.

The Reels are short-lived videos that are rampant both on TikTok and on Instagram: they are mainly used by brands because they are mini commercials that tend to go viral.

Reels Can Be Used In Different Ways

Replay longer videos into shorter ones

The videos created earlier are nothing more than a preparation of the Reels. All you have to do is divide it into three parts or more parts.

Turn a long product demo into a summary

Take clips from your longer videos and put them together to create a product summary video.

Turn long tutorials into faster tutorials

Take clips from your longer video tutorials and put them together to create a shorter version.


In this short guide, we wanted to advise you on how you can monetize your Instagram profile by increasing your sales.

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