Instagram In B2B: 3 Reasons To Make The Platform A Business Thing

Two hundred million people check Instagram business profiles every day. Almost 70 percent of these Instagram users are not followers of the companies they visit. Hmm, and is that good? Isn’t it primarily about the number of followers? No, it’s not possible. What is much more critical: Instagram manages to reach a mass of people and draw attention to a company. Twenty-five million companies worldwide are already using this range booster and channel linker. Do you belong?

Here are 3 good reasons why it is worth making Instagram an integral part of your business, whether B2C or B2B. No, especially in B2B.

Instagram In B2B: Reach, Image, Contacts

Branding & Brand Awareness

Only hip D2C and community brands have a voice on Instagram? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Okay, younger and smaller brands sometimes find it inherently easier to authentically unite their community behind them because Instagram is either their “birth channel” or the channel they grow upon.

But that’s no argument for other companies to neglect Instagram as a channel for building brand awareness. On the contrary.

Because, whether B2C or B2B, whether fair fashion start-up or traditional company from the construction industry: everyone! has the opportunity on Instagram

to • reach a large number of people within a short time •

make their brand known and tangible

  • polish their image
  • convince interested parties
  • make new business contacts
  • observe the market and the competition

Companies that offer highly complex products or (think they are) too technical, too old, too dull, too unique, or even more so can turn their image on Instagram. From too abstract to fascinating, from supposedly old-fashioned to wild.

You won’t believe it, but you pull excavators and cranes yourself. As long as they are staged correctly, the image or video is of high quality, and the feed post – the text accompanying the post – grabs people emotionally.

Check out the account. Every post is unique. Be it the perspective, the image composition, or the colour palette. I’m not interested in cranes or excavators, but the posts appeal aesthetically.

But it’s not about me. However, one thing is clear: B2B managers are only human, People who have a private B2C everyday life procrastinate on Instagram and get stuck with exciting content.

“Instagram made me buy it” is accurate when it comes to whether someone purchases a private person thanks to Instagram Content and whether they become aware of brands, products, and services in a business context.

Of course, no company has to and should bend to cramp. Instagram users notice that immediately anyway. Incidentally, in 2022 more than ever, it is about authenticity.

Are you using sophisticated products and complex technologies? Then put the focus on you, on behind-the-scenes impressions.

How do you work? Where do you work? Who works for you? Why is it cool to work with you guys? As a business partner, customer, or employee.

And already have the bridge to reasons 2 and 3: Employer branding and recruiting.

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Employer Branding

Employees are the best brand ambassadors. And Instagram is the perfect channel to go behind the scenes with them. These are authentic (there we have it again) insights into your company. The community identifies more with the faces behind companies than with your logo or your history on a PowerPoint slide. Let your teams tell your story.

Celebrate yourself and your successes in your stories, in honest posts, in recurring formats that make you approachable, and show potential business partners what values ​​you follow, how you work, and what you have already achieved.

In addition to employees, testimonials can also satisfy customers who appear in your feed and share their views of your company.

Apart from that, good employer branding also has positive internal effects. And as is well known, satisfied employees also ensure satisfied customers. So win-win.

Instagram In B2B: Skilled Workers And Growth


Connects directly to 2nd. Instagram is increasingly proving to be a top recruiting channel, especially when appealing to Gen Z and Alpha, because Instagram is her digital home.

According to Statista, 80 percent of 16-19-year-olds and 82 percent of 20-29-year-olds will use the channel in 2021. In addition to the very successful company accounts, the career accounts explicitly only deal with recruiting, training, and further education. And that works!

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