IoT And Analytics: Benefits For Business And Society

The internet of things (or IoT) has been increasingly adopted by society, whether ordinary people or public and private organizations. If, until recently, technology was just a trend, today, the use of IoT is already a reality. Although there was significant doubt about its efficiency and value, this issue has already been resolved, and its importance in several aspects and applications is a fact.

As an instrument for capturing data from different sources through sensors and devices, the IoT is essential to transform this information into intelligence. This is where another critical element comes in: analytics. Combined, the two aspects promote an entire technological process that results in insights applied for benefits in various business areas and society, allied to ESG strategies. The purpose of IoT and analytics is to contribute to decision-making that represents gains for your ideal.

IoT and analytics, if implemented and managed correctly, can provide several benefits, for example:

Operational Efficiency

Digitizing and automating the process chain, which was previously manual, brings considerable efficiency. Business operations can have more agility in the workforce as they identify the capacity to produce or perform tasks in real-time. In addition, it allows the best use of resources and generates efficiency and productivity.

Quality of indicators

With the information captured by IoT sensors, it is possible to monitor the quality of delivery and business assets. It also allows the application to seek the best experience for that company’s areas or customers.


IoT technology allows for a more significant relationship between physical and digital assets, controls environmental elements, and provides the best use of resources. This aligns with the sustainable aspects, meets the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations, and also with the ESG strategies of the companies. These aspects are fundamental, especially in a time of scarcity of materials, such as food.

The changes that are taking place in society today, with the use of IoT and analytics solutions, allow public and private institutions to optimize various operations, obtain more productivity and gain efficiency with fewer resources. Several examples are being observed: in the countryside, with agribusiness; in cities, in managing essential services, such as electricity and sanitation; and in industries, such as food and automobiles.

Despite offering several benefits, many organizations still find implementing and managing these solutions difficult. Therefore, it is essential to have a structure that provides adequate data governance, with the application of analytical models aimed at the purpose of its use, whether for business or social impact. It is impossible to think about IoT and analytics solutions without an integrated end-to-end enterprise architecture and information interoperability.

IoT And Analytics

Another important point concerns the entire platform that will support the application of IoT and analytics. In other words, pillars such as flexibility to connect with multiple types of equipment and systems, with different kinds of devices and sensors, in addition to connectivity and standards of cloud applications to ensure the safety of use, are essential to ensure the success of solutions.

In short, IoT and analytics solutions are here to stay and will continue to gain strength as more and more data is generated. The evolution of technologies such as cloud computing and the arrival of fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication networks will drive these applications. As a result, the public and private sectors will implement new strategies to improve products and services for society.

Cloud data storage, widely used by large companies, is another major trend that continues to grow in condominiums worldwide. This is because such a solution allows vital information to be accessed remotely and at any time, ensuring security for all condominium members. Regarding safety, products such as intelligent recognition cameras and locks that work via the internet are also highlighted. Many of these tools are easily managed using smartphone applications safely and quickly. 

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