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iPhone: Apple Wants A Revolutionary Screen

Big news from Apple: recently, the Cupertino company allegedly commissioned Samsung Display and LG Display with innovative OLED panels without frames. According to some rumors, Apple has asked Samsung Display and LG Display, its official screen suppliers, to develop frameless OLED panels. The news was reported by the famous leaker Ice Universe on X (the new name of Twitter ) and the online newspaper The Elec. 

Both sources agree that Apple has asked Samsung and LG for a new type of screen, which will be inserted in a new chassis, also made with different materials from the current ones.  If this information were correct, a future iPhone (16?) Made in this way would seem, as the leaker Ice Universe himself declares, an ” iPhone that comes from the future “. Between saying and doing, however, there is a sea of ​​technological problems to be solved.

What Changes With Screens Without Frames

Bezels have been an issue that has been debated for some time, with most of the high-end smartphones on the market already having screens with extremely thin bezels. However, removing them could be extremely complicated because they contain components essential for the smartphone to function, such as the antenna. 

Such a project could require enormous efforts from Samsung Display and LG Display, which should somehow be able to reorganize the circuits under the frame area, optimizing the space and ensuring everything works perfectly. Also, according to the indiscretion of Ice Universe, Apple could opt for Under Panel Camera  ( UPC), allowing you to place the front camera under the display so that the device’s glass has no interruption. However, this system needs to receive light from the outside for the camera to work properly, and it is necessary to reduce the pixel density in that area of ​​the screen to allow this to happen. 

In doing so, however, a color difference between the portion of the screen occupied by the UPC and the rest of the display would be evident, and, therefore, Samsung and LG will also have to work on this problem and try to resolve it as soon as possible. Finally, among the other indiscretions shared by the well-known leaker, that also speaks of a smartphone with a body made of glass and with ” unibody “ technology, that is, in practice, working from a single piece. According to Ice Universe, such an iPhone would look like a crystal box.

When The New iPhones Without Frames Arrive

The new iPhone 15 should be officially presented in September this year, just as iPhone 14 was presented in September 2022, so it isn’t easy to assume that this new type of screen is ready for the next incoming range. iPhone 16 should arrive in September 2024, but, at the moment, both  The Elec and Ice Universe have not specified if the new screen and body will arrive with this model. Everything will depend on the progress of the work in the Samsung Display and LG Display laboratories and on the time it will take to create a screen without frames and a hole for the camera but with the very high quality required by Apple.

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