Latest Online Marketing Trends You Need To Know

Market trends are always welcome, right? The sooner we rush to adopt new strategies, the faster we can achieve a good position on the internet.

The reason for Internet advertising to remain high is that organic reach is increasingly difficult, both on search engines and on social networks. The promise of the top position on Google is rarely fulfilled.

There is nothing better than good online advertising to generate more qualified and faster business. Find out now what’s good on the internet for you to enjoy!

Outstream Video

Videos have entered digital advertising with everything, and according to a Cisco study, 80% of internet traffic will be motivated by videos. Therefore, nothing is more natural than seeing them in news feeds and amid other content, such as blog posts, on the internet.

This is the concept of an out-stream video, a commercial triggered automatically when the user arrives at it and stops being displayed when the Internet user continues his navigation.

Any resemblance to the videos in the Facebook News Feed is not coincidental!


Did you miss that visitor who arrived at your site and didn’t go ahead with the navigation? No worries! Retargeting can quickly resolve this.

30% of Internet users have a positive perception of retargeting. It demonstrates that your company is concerned about generating a good experience and expects them to return.

The best news about this online advertising strategy is that conversion rates can increase by up to 60%.

Dark Social

No, we’re not talking about some shady online advertising strategy. Dark Social is an innovative way to reach your audience and make your brand stand out.

Instead of competing for sharing links and conversions on social networks, the strategy intends to encourage this behavior on alternative platforms, such as WhatsApp, Messenger and email.

The term “dark” is used because it is impossible to measure this strategy’s results with current tools; after all, you would be invading users’ privacy if you tried to find out what they are sharing privately.

Agile Marketing

Agile project management methodologies have arrived in online marketing and can be great allies in advertising. The aim is to segment your actions into sprints, that is, short-term goals.

With the target defined, strategies are drawn up to achieve the objective in up to one month. This gives agility to the team and allows for measuring results quickly.

Ineffective Marketing Automation

Every technological advance brings news and fads to the marketing and advertising world. Lately, you can only walk a meter by bumping into the term marketing automation, the new trend of automating marketing processes and routines, optimizing resources and processes of marketing and sales through all-in-one software, which makes life easier for professionals in these sectors.

But the bigger question today is not “do you already use marketing automation?” but “do you understand marketing automation?”. In kids, automation aims to optimize or improve existing processes in a chain of actions or functions, centralized in software that does everything, making life much easier for any department or agency. The point is that many professionals still need to understand this.

Automation is mainly for companies that work focused on generating leads. For that, they generate content to follow up on these leads through a CRM or a sales pipeline that always has a proposed action for each stage of a sales funnel, in addition to, in some cases, also centralizing the management of social media and other tools. However, the fact that automation is a trend means that many professionals enter this universe by simply hiring marketing automation software without first questioning their processes, their actions to generate leads or even sales, their team’s ability to use everything that the software offers, etc. As a result, in some cases, automation only increases the inefficiency of a process, employee or department.

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