Learn About Remote Work And Its Main Benefits

The world has been going through a technological revolution, impacting business models and labor relations. In this context, remote work is a strong trend, adopted by companies worldwide, and is starting to become popular. This is mainly due to the various benefits of this format of action.

However, the topic is still challenging for many managers due to important issues, such as monitoring results and ensuring team engagement, since professionals will not be together in person.

As we know the subject’s relevance, we have gathered some information about remote work and its benefits in this post. Check out!

Current Overview Of Remote Work

Having employees work from different places, including from home, in the home office format, is a strong trend that, for some years now, has been adopted by companies around the world, especially in branches that have a large part of their operations based on networks, such as Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Although the scenario that drove the change was negative in several ways, remote work is forecast to gain credibility and scalability, considering that it is shown, in several sectors, as the only viable alternative to resist in the market.

Key Benefits Of Remote Work

The benefits of remote work are not limited to the employee and the company but also extend to the environment, as highlighted below:


The growth of cities, the lack of quality means of transport, the intensity of traffic, and long distances are some of the main reasons that pressure the market to make remote work official.

Previously wasted time can be used for leisure, physical activities, and courses, including professional improvement, impacting their quality of life. In all alternatives, the employee and the company win.

Social Inclusion

Remote work eliminates distances, making the hiring area much more comprehensive. To hire professionals, a company does not need to limit itself to its locality, city, or region. Thus, opportunities are created for people from more remote areas, where professional possibilities are scarcer.

In addition, the model favors hiring employees with motor difficulties who can work in an adapted environment (their home) and without the need to travel.


In addition to the gain in quality of life and employee satisfaction, which guarantee increased productivity, the absence of excessive meetings also favors results.

Cost Reduction

For the company, the savings are undeniable and include everything: the physical environment, the necessary equipment, the internet, energy, coffee, water, and other services, such as cleaning and maintenance of the space.

As for employees, although they have an increase in electricity and internet bills, they spend less on food, clothing, and gasoline, in addition to obtaining other benefits, such as enjoying promotional hours at the gym and discarding school transport when picking up their child from school. , for example.

Quality Of Life

In addition to the already mentioned gain in time, the professional who adapts to working at home lives happier, in an environment with less stress and pressure than the office.

Many factors make the routine away from companies healthier, such as homemade food, a sense of freedom away from closed environments, the possibility of including a sport or hobby in everyday life, and the waiver of dress codes.


More people working at home means fewer: cars on the streets, CO2 emissions, commercial buildings, electricity consumption, waste production, and pollution. In addition, public transport capacity decreases since fewer individuals will go out to work every day.

Good practices in adopting the model

For the alternative to yield good results, it is necessary to understand the reality of the company and its employees. First of all, the business has to allow for non-face-to-face deliveries, and employees have to adapt to working remotely.

In this way, both the company and the employee must pay attention to some questions:


Adequate space and the correct management of work-at-home time are vital for productivity, so some points deserve attention:

  • adequate lighting;
  • availability of necessary tools, such as internet access, computer, printer, online management systems, etc.;
  • rules for living with other people in the house;
  • determined schedules of professional and personal tasks.

Miscellaneous Tools

Using some tools, software, and applications is essential for remote work. It wouldn’t be possible without them. The main ones are:

  • interactivity: such as chats and video call software;
  • collaboration and status tools: in which everyone can follow the status and data of a project with centralized and accessible information;
  • of communication and documentation: an open and shared workspace both internally and externally.

Remote Point System

Investing in a remote point system to monitor the workday of employees who work from home makes it possible to adopt the model in areas where this was previously unfeasible.

Types Of Companies That Can Benefit

Many managers are skeptical and fearful of remote teamwork; others believe it doesn’t work for their business model. After all, how can you guarantee that the employee is working?

This is why the home office model was initially restricted to areas that do not require strict working hours, such as technology and communication companies, for example. Thanks to the development of technology, this scenario has been expanding this possibility to other sectors, such as call centers, finance, telecommunications, and insurance companies, among others.

The employee needs to comply with a predefined schedule in these areas, and monitoring is vital. With the current tools, especially remote point control, cloud storage, and systems integration, these segments can act remotely effectively.

Although remote work is not a model applicable to all activities, as long as it fits the company’s reality and has the right profile of employees, it is an extremely advantageous option for everyone involved.

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