Learn Now How To Use Google Ads For Local Businesses!

Visibility, strategy and sales. Today, we’ll talk about one of the most important tactics for your results. After all, do you know how important Google Ads is for local businesses? That’s what you can find out by following this reading.

Our goal is to explain everything you need to know about the topic, clarifying what Google Ads is, how to use this tool and why investing in this solution might be a good idea. Let’s go.

What Are Google Ads For Local Businesses?

As the name suggests, Google Ads is a digital advertising tool created by the American technology giant. Ads, in English, are a contraction of advertisements, which are advertisements. The big differential of the tool is where your ads are served – in Google searches.

Therefore, advertising on Google is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your business. In addition to appearing before the results of a search, the ad via Google Ads is highly customizable and can be served according to the user’s profile, location and various demographic characteristics.

Another quality of the tool is that it can also be used as a regional visibility strategy. By allowing geofencing, which is the configuration so that ads only reach people in a certain region, Google Ads can be the perfect investment for those who want to stand out locally.

This is a huge opportunity for local businesses, as is the case with all types of trade and services restricted to a region. With planning and competitive intelligence, it is possible to develop a commercial strategy that connects the absorption of these new customers to your products and services.

What Is Google My Business?

In addition to Google Ads, it is also important to use other important resources for your company’s visibility. An excellent example is Google My Business. This is Google’s free solution to present your company’s card (profile) to people searching for your services on the internet.

Surely you’ve seen one of these cards. For example, search for a relevant establishment in your area by searching for “Establishment Name + City”. If this management cares about the digital presence, you will find a complete card of the establishment, with telephone number, website, opening hours, photos and more.

Not only does the card show up in searches, but it also puts your business on the map — literally. When registering your establishment on Google My Business, after a few days, the store becomes discoverable both on Google Search and on Google Maps and can receive reviews from your customers.

How To Use This Tool To Promote Your Business?

Now that you know the importance of Google tools for the visibility of your business, it’s time to see how to optimize your investment in Google Ads. For this, we list three main tips, follow!

Set Up Google My Business

Although running a campaign on Google Ads without having the establishment on Google My Business is possible, this is an error. If you are about to invest in advertising, why not take advantage of free and efficient opportunities to increase your business visibility and return on investment?

Then, access the Google My Business portal and register your establishment. It’s a super simple, quick and easy process. Just enter contact information, address, type of business and other similar data. In addition, you can add photos and videos, increasing your brand’s visual appeal on the internet.

Google Ads ads always serve some purpose, such as bringing people to your website or encouraging contact via email, WhatsApp or phone. Still, it’s important to have Google My Business because that way, you can be found by people who didn’t make that decision the first time they saw the ad.

Use Negative Keywords

How Google Ads works can be summarized quite simply. You pay to show your business in the first search results when the user searches for keywords related to your establishment.

But it’s also important to use the negative keywords that you don’t want your ad to show for. Let’s say you have tech support that specializes in Apple devices only. You can use negative keywords to prevent your ad from showing to customers who aren’t looking for your services:

  • Positive keywords, which serve the ad: “Apple technical support”, “Mac technical support”, “iPhone technical support”;
  • Negative keywords, which do not display your ad: “notebook technical support”, “android technical support”, “windows technical support”.

It is worth noting that negative/positive keywords are not a value judgment but a practical example of functionality. Regarding advertisements, it is important to “target” and reach the public most likely to hire your services. Otherwise, it is money thrown away.

Target Local Business Well

That’s part of competitive intelligence. By targeting local businesses, you study your competition, identifying who is also investing in local ads and how you can outperform their strategy, ranking at the top of Google results whenever your keywords are searched.

And, although many don’t realize it, a “digital war” is being waged in the field of advertising. Often, brands advertise on a keyword that is their competitor’s name, trying to channel to themselves the traffic of those looking for their competitor. Therefore, it is important to analyze the local competition.

Use Call Ads

In marketing, there is a tactic called a call to action. Inviting, action-provoking ads often perform better than neutral, purely representative ads. Therefore, encourage your client to get in touch, quote for a service or the like. It is necessary to take the consumer out of inertia so that he can make a decision.

Finally, it is important to highlight why it is worth investing in Google Ads. Because this strategy allows you to increase the visibility of your business, creating authority and reputation. And in addition to running ads, you need to structure your business for that much attention.

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