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Less Advertising: Eight Tips Against Annoying Advertising

The user interface in Windows 10 is also an ample advertising space. The advertising is not as intrusive as on many Android devices but still unacceptable on a desktop system for everyday work. Advertising is one of the best ways to present your business to potential customers. Making yourself known through advertisements, TV commercials, and banners on the Internet helps widen the circle of users of any service. Internet advertising is now gaining ground much more than traditional advertising. Except that sometimes a banner or an advertising link becomes disturbing elements for Internet users. 

Are we on any site looking for information or shopping online? Suddenly, another page appears, and our “stay” on that site is interrupted against our will. However, this drawback can be controlled with practical measures. They allow us to set the browser in such a way as to block advertising attacks. If we cannot solve the problem in this way, we can always resort to particular free programs designed precisely for this type of situation. If we are tired of advertising, this tutorial will certainly do for us. Below we will find some practical advice on blocking Internet advertisements quickly and easily.

Switch Off Advertising And Messages

Sooner or later, the lock screen (- › Tip 5) of Windows 10, which is superfluous, shows promoting as data about new projects and Microsoft items. In the settings under “Personalization – > Lock screen” for “Foundation,” the choice “Windows spotlight” is chosen. On the off chance that you set “Picture,” the publicizing won’t show up.

Completely Uninstall OneDrive

Windows 10 never tires of helping us clients wherever to remember the upsides of OneDrive as cloud-based document capacity. Any individual who has not yet set up OneDrive will over and over get a delicate and rapidly irritating solicitation to utilize the help. Uninstalling OneDrive fixes the issue. This is finished in the settings under “Applications – > Apps and Features” by tapping on “Microsoft OneDrive” and “Uninstall.”

Disable App Suggestions

Incidentally, the beginning menu will show other proposed applications as a suggestion. These commercials can be turned off: To do this, set the switch behind “Personalization – > Start – ›Occasionally show ideas in the beginning menu” in the settings to “Off.”

Turn Off Pop-Up Messages

The taskbar shows automatic pop-ups with working directions, tips, and promotions from Microsoft. In the settings under “Framework – › Notifications and Actions,” set the “Get tips, stunts, and ideas while utilizing Windows” change to “Off” with the goal that the pop-ups don’t show up.


Promotions and pointless utilization guidelines likewise show up in the warning region. With a change of “Show Windows invite page after refreshes and sporadically while signing in […]” in the settings and “Framework – › Notifications and activities,” the notice region is likewise quiet.

Turn Off Banner Ads In Windows Explorer

Windows parts, for example, Windows Explorer, act as publicizing space. The program occasionally shows commercials for OneDrive and Microsoft Office 365 at the highest point of the window. You can turn this off in Windows Explorer using the “View – › Options – › Change envelope and search choices.” On the View tab, uncheck Show sync supplier warnings.

Ban Jittery Live Tiles

Since Windows 8, the start menu has shown some tiles with changing content, but these are often difficult to read and tend to be irritating in everyday use. The live tiles can be switched off individually in the start menu via the context menu and “More -› Deactivate live tile.”

Solitaire Alternative Without Ads

Angry gossips claim that the included patience game “Solitaire,” which has been part of the game since Windows 3.0, contributed to the triumph of the Microsoft operating systems. It is still available in Windows 10, much fancier than before, but with long advertising clips. You don’t have to be satisfied with that: It’s worth looking at the open-source alternative Open Solitaire.

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