Marketing Digital: This Is How You Can Reach Your Desired Customers

Which methods work best in digital marketing? Which ones relieve and are also promising? We will introduce you to the combination of five digital methods and give you an extra tip for B2B companies.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an excellent solution for companies because it allows them to

  • Reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time, as well 
  • Use measurable and analyzable results of your efforts in real-time.

In the right place at the right time, that’s what marketing has always been about. Today your target groups are online – at any point in their buyer’s journey. And if you create exactly the content that your desired customers, in particular, feel addressed and that they would like to read or see, you are one big step closer to optimal marketing.

In addition, with digital marketing, you benefit from precise analysis results in real-time. This is much easier than measuring the impact of a newspaper ad, for example. With digital marketing, with the help of good analysis software, you can even analyze the influence of individual components such as the quality of your landing pages or your forms and improve them methodically. 

Five Digital Components That Also Support The Inbound Method

With digital marketing tools, you can identify the pages that have generated a lot of traffic. In particular, you should continue to maintain the pages that display reasonable conversion rates. You can also see which search queries have been made and where your pages rank in the ranking.

But Which Measures, Which Procedures Are Best Suited For Digital Marketing?

We recommend five methods in combination. These are mainly characterized by the fact that they support the inbound marketing method. The aim is to address precisely the right people for your company. Even more: to offer your desired customers relevant content on the end devices and channels that they also use and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Content Marketing

Your content is what enriches your website. Your blog articles, ebooks, and guides fall under this category, as do your graphics, interactive tools, and videos. If you create content that meets the needs of your desired customers and answers their questions or tackle challenges, your content will act as a magnet for highly qualified leads. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the method of optimizing your website and its content. This increases your chances of appearing in the top search engine results pages (Google Ranking). The closer you are to the top of these pages, the more visits or organic traffic your website will receive. 

SEO and content marketing go hand in hand: effective content marketing always takes SEO into account. Because the search engines have to classify your content correctly – this is the only way your desired customers can find your content in search queries.

Email Marketing

Email is the communication channel of choice for most business people and is used by most Internet users. Traditionally, emails have a reputation for being overly promotional. 

However, if you take an inbound approach, you can use email to deliver helpful, personalized, and targeted content to your prospects. For example, you can send your newly published blog articles to your contacts by email or send customized messages to interested parties.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels such as Twitter or LinkedIn make it possible to follow the target groups’ online activities, participate in virtual conversations, and share content such as blog articles or information about webinars. 

Digital marketers use the channels that their desired customers also use. Usually, this is a combination of different social media channels. They use it to make their content known and communicate with current and potential customers. 

Retargeted Ads

Traditional advertising is considered an outbound tactic, but digital marketing provides marketers with data to target advertising. You can use retargeting technologies to serve ads directly to people who have already visited your website. 

But be careful. The point is to offer relevant content for download to a few promising prospects. In this way, you offer added value to people who you hope will become customers.

Particularly Promising For B2B Companies: Account-Based Marketing

With digital marketing tools, you can not only identify your best pages or content, but you can also control your Google ranking and target your customers’ curiosity. You can also approach optimized account-based marketing with digital marketing: 

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) targets B2B marketing that wins selected, important customers with personalized campaigns.

ABM is mainly about the quality of your relationships and less about the sheer quantity of your contacts or the traffic. Every experience that you share with these critical contacts is of great value. For these contacts, you personalize your marketing and try to participate in your customers’ decision-making processes. 

And The Technology?

A personalized, targeted customer approach is best achieved if you also use the appropriate software such as HubSpot and the help of specialized companies in addition to inbound methods.

B2B Smart Data is such an expert: Here, data is specifically and systematically evaluated to understand existing customers even better, recognize cross- and upselling potentials, and identify potential new customers in a targeted manner.

Combine these options for your digital marketing and make maximum use of your data.


If you want to operate digital marketing success and in a customer-centric way, a combination of our methods is recommended. And in case you are thinking about how you can best use digital marketing, we hope that we have been able to inspire you and offer you to answer further questions.

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