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Network Technologies That Will Define The Market In 2022

SD-WAN, Wi-Fi 6, cloud… Overview of the network technologies that will transform this year’s business network market.

Traditionally, at the end of each year, IT solutions experts develop predictions about the technologies likely to shape the enterprise networking market over the next 12 months. 2022 is no exception.

2020 and 2021 have spurred an unprecedented evolution of distributed and complex environments. Countless companies have chosen to close their physical offices to go 100% remote, which has redefined their connectivity needs. As remote working continues to transform our daily lives, there is every reason to believe that in 2022, SD-WAN, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will continue to gain ground.


Once the go-to solution for remote workers, VPN has recently been supplanted by always-on SD-WAN devices. Professionals worldwide have greatly appreciated the benefits of this advanced connectivity technology. It is a virtual network based on an underlying physical network; the main advantage is that it can be managed from a central unit.

With this solution, the network edge extends to the employees’ homes. In 2022, companies will remain determined to continue their migration to SD-WAN thanks to an overall improvement in the experience of their employees working from home and a higher degree of reliability.

The Cloud Is Still In Demand

You guessed it: in 2022, cloud computing will continue to grow. External factors only contribute to the rise of hybrid and distributed cloud architectures in the enterprise. The focus will remain on the distributed cloud, with servers hosted internally. Companies are thus seeking to obtain more flexibility while retaining maximum control over their operations.

To achieve this, IT departments often use innovative network management software to improve performance through in-depth analysis, outage mitigation, and more effective monitoring of the enterprise IT ecosystem as a whole.

Wi-Fi 6 – The New Standard

Although the move to Wi-Fi 6 was not the key trend in 2021, following fewer staff (and therefore connected devices) in physical corporate offices, this technological advancement is increasingly more in demand with remote workers. In 2022, the future looks rosy for introducing this new wireless standard operating in the 6 GHz frequency ranges.

Mobile Network: 5G

Although many government programs focused on the widespread deployment of 5G, such as innovative city projects, have faced significant obstacles in the past few years, fixed 5G continues to win the hearts of remote workers. Thanks to faster throughput and improved responsiveness, this technology promises tangible productivity gains.

The Advent Of AI

The challenges of shifting to remote working and hybrid work environments have fueled the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in network infrastructure management. In addition to providing a better understanding of operational processes, AI can improve the responsiveness of IT departments to alerts.

As 2022 dawns, digital challenges are more noticeable than ever. Unexpectedly, changes that were meant to be temporary have taken deep root in our lives, testing existing computing environments. We must then face the facts: the current trends in IT networks are here to stay.

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