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Omnichannel: What It Is And Examples

With the advancement of technologies, many stores started to invest in online sales and communication across different channels. In this scenario, omnichannel gains strength. 

Next, we will explain what this term means, which technologies to adopt and why it is essential for your company. Good reading!

What Is Omnichannel?

In general, omnichannel means communication across multiple channels. To do this, it combines the particular characteristics of each one, aiming to build a single experience for the consumer.

In this way, it allows the customer to access the establishment through different channels, be it a physical store, online, social networks or applications. This will enable consumers to clarify doubts quickly, as they can communicate with the company in a way that suits them. 

The big difference is that the customer does not need to change channels to solve a problem or make a purchase. In this way, omnichannel strengthens the relationship between consumer and company, offering a constant experience across all channels. 

An example of this strategy is Renner stores, which, even within a store, allow purchases to be made via cell phone. 

Why Use Multiple Forms Of Customer Contact?

With the advancement of technology, consumers have found new ways to shop and solve problems. Using a notebook, tablet or smartphone, any action is carried out quickly and conveniently. 

So, offering online channels to buy and interact is now a requirement for brands that want to stand out in the market. 

In this sense, investing in a better customer experience provides several benefits. After all, when the customer receives excellent service, your establishment benefits too. 

The main objective of omnichannel is to make the consumer more satisfied. Furthermore, your brand gains the chance to improve the services offered, sales, loyalty process and business image.

To achieve this, the entire omnichannel strategy is designed to optimize these processes, allowing the customer to carry out any action with ease. 

Even though some brands practise it, this strategy is still relatively new. Therefore, it can be a differentiator for your business to stand out. 

What Advantages Will The Company Have By Being Omnichannel?

As seen in previous topics, omnichannel has many advantages to offer businesses. The objective is to benefit the establishment and the customer, who enjoys a quality experience.

With integrated channels, it is possible to understand customer behavior’s better and prepare for a more assertive journey. This means it is possible to guarantee the same quality standard at all points of contact. 

The result is customers who are more satisfied with their experience at all stages of purchasing. Not to mention that your company gains more value in the market. 

Over time, your business can also reduce costs. This is because you can concentrate all the information in one place, improving performance. Furthermore, omnichannel offers other advantages. We will explain the main ones below!

Ensures Higher Quality Customer Service 

As service channels interact, it becomes easier to gain knowledge about the customer. As a result, it is possible to create conditions to offer an increasingly better experience. 

In fact, by serving well, you not only attract customers but also encourage consumption by those who already know your business. 

It Brings The Store Closer To The Consumer

With omnichannel strategies, the customer can choose how to contact the establishment. 

Integration between channels allows consumers to make quick and effective contact. For example, they can start the service via phone or email and, later, make contact again via WhatsApp. 

When the channels are integrated, it is possible to continue the service from the moment it is interrupted. This brings the consumer closer to the company, as they realize they are being heard and preserved amidst the service channels. 

Promotes Customer Loyalty 

It’s nothing new that good service builds customer loyalty. This is a reality in establishments in different sectors. 

So, when you offer different channels and allow the customer to have a good experience across all of them, you promote consumer loyalty. 

Improves Brand Reputation

By offering new customer experiences, your brand stands out in the market. When the consumer is well served, they can leave positive comments and good reviews, in addition to recommending the brand to other people.

Therefore, your brand gains more value in the market and stands out compared to competitors. 

Boosts Revenue 

When browsing between different channels, consumers come into contact with other goods, which can encourage the purchase of more products. 

Furthermore, as operations occur quickly and guarantee a good experience, customers will likely place new orders again. Therefore, omnichannel contributes to improving revenue. 

What Tool To Use To Facilitate Service?

Now that you know what omnichannel is and its importance, see how to implement it. To help you, we’ve listed five tips!

Technology And Data Science

In short, to put the strategy into practice, it is necessary to have integrated technology supporting the different channels, whether in the logistics, financial or CRM areas.  

It’s also important to know your audience and establish your customer base. To do this, rely on data collection and analysis, algorithms and business intelligence processes. 

The tip is to count on the help of software that facilitates data control. Zendesk, for example, is a CRM company that aims to improve customer relationships. With flexible and scalable software, it can meet the needs of any company. 

Evaluate Your Channels

To apply omnichannel, it is essential to identify your communication channels. All customer touchpoints are critical, from the sales team to the website’s chatbot. 

Then, evaluate the results and relevance of each one in the strategy. The tip is to choose the channels that you are best able to guarantee the quality of the service. 

Keep Online And Offline Always Aligned

Many companies believe that omnichannel only involves digital channels. The strategy also includes offline sales and communication. Therefore, it is essential to keep all channels aligned in this type of strategy. 

Monitor Results 

Like all strategies, omnichannel also requires monitoring and controlling results. To do this, adopt KPIs relevant to your company, avoiding vanity metrics. 

And, of course, whenever necessary, make improvements to offer an increasingly better experience to the consumer.

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