SAP: Functions And Advantages

Many people looking for a new professional challenge find out that knowledge of SAP is required or valued in many jobs, at the latest when studying the job advertisements.

The majority of employees have certainly stumbled across the name SAP in the course of their working lives. However, many do not know what the abbreviation stands for and the advantages of using complex software applications. The following article answers these and other questions regarding the functions and benefits of SAP

SAP – The Functions

The abbreviation SAP means systems, applications, and products. It is a software application that is widely used in the field of data processing. By using SAP, the aim is to ensure that the flow of information in a company is flawless.

The development of SAP was initially on creating an internal database that can be used for different areas of application – across departments by all employees. The various applications that can access the database come, for example, from controlling, human resources, the finance department or supply chain, and customer management.

In the past, all data had to be entered manually by the company. The only alternative available was the cost-intensive development of an in-house IT system. In addition, there was the problem that many individual database systems were not compatible with one another.

It is the solution to these problems. The standardized software application offers numerous different functions and is available in the form of various modules. These can be selected flexibly – depending on the individual company requirements.

The software is mainly used in large companies, but unique versions are also available for industry, retail, media companies, and banks. To ensure that all employees in a company can use the application as efficiently and safely as possible, numerous providers offer professional training courses .


The SAP software is offered by the German company of the same name, founded in 1972. Today SAP is one of the largest global software manufacturers and employs around 70,000 people.

Promising Career Prospects

Knowledge of SAP is a prerequisite for numerous job profiles these days, especially in IT, economics, and business administration.

Those who can use the SAP software professionally and soundly usually benefit from some advantages in the professional world. In addition, specialists can count on an above-average salary – this is around 60,000 euros annually.

Comprehensive Customer Service

However, of course, SAP knowledge does not only offer significant advantages for applicants. The companies themselves also benefit significantly from SAP applications. In this context, the software manufacturer’s qualified customer service should be mentioned, for example, which ensures individual support at all times.

The qualified service employees can be reached both via a practical chat and via a hotline. In addition, every company that uses SAP receives an emergency number for the assigned customer service employee, under which he can always be reached – even outside of regular business hours.

Expertise In Business Customer Care

The big difference between SAP and other comparable IT companies is that almost 100 percent of its customers are companies. In the area of ​​business customer support, SAP is therefore characterized by unique expertise.

From the moment the first contact is made, individual support is capitalized and maintained for the entire duration of the business relationship. So it is hardly surprising that the company can look back on an extremely high rate of existing customers.

Extensive Training And Further Education Offers

Companies that use SAP in their day-to-day business also benefit significantly from the many seminars, training courses, and SAP advanced training courses offered about software applications. Depending on the company’s current customer status, these can even be used entirely free of charge.

These numerous training opportunities give companies the chance to fully exploit the high potential that SAP software offers for individual corporate purposes. In addition, considerable costs can be saved, since if problems arise, the knowledge for the necessary self-help is available in the company itself.

High Flexibility

It should also not be neglected that an extremely high level of individuality characterizes SAP – and not only in ​​customer service but also in the various packages that can be used.

Every company can benefit to the greatest possible extent from using SAP, regardless of its size. A flexible selection and combination of the individual applications are always possible. This results in, among other things, not to be despised advantages in ​​cost calculation since the budgets can be ideally planned and used by the responsible managers.

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