Snapchat for Business: These Tricks Will Boost Your Sales

Snapchat is mainly celebrated for its creative and fancy filters. Over twenty-year-olds have long used the former teen app. At the latest, it has become even more attractive for companies to use Snapchat for advertising purposes. Our article explains what companies need to consider when using and to place advertising in the app.

How Does Snapchat Work?

Snapchat is a free instant messaging service. It can be used on both smartphones and tablets. The app allows the user to send photos and other media only visible for a certain number of seconds to friends before they are automatically removed. Overall, the messenger service differs from other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram. Companies can also set up their own Snapchat account. You can use this to provide the app users with information, competitions, entertaining content and more. In addition, you can chat with one or more people via Snapchat and exchange media with each other.

Snaps, Filters And Snapchat Stories

The sent media, also called “snaps”, can be provided with various filters. You can apply these filters to his snap by swiping left or right. Snapchat offers two filter options: On the one hand, there are effects, also known as lenses, that you can apply before the photo make or use films. You can use it to distort your face, apply dog ​​filters or other animal effects and even change your voice. On the other hand, Snapchat filters are only used after the photo or video has been created. With these, you can add text or emojis to the picture or give it a new colour. There are also geofilters here. These are only available in certain places, for example, in a particular area or a landmark. If you take a photo or video at such a location, the appropriate filters will be offered to you directly in the app.

The My Story mode allows you to combine your snaps into a bit of story. Similar to Instagram, you can, for example, document your day or share your impressions. This content is visible for a maximum of 24 hours.

Snapchat For Business – Explained Step By Step

So that you too can score points with your company on Snapchat, we have summarized some helpful information for you on this page.

Create A Business Account

With a company account, you get access to Ads Manager on Snapchat. To create a business account, you have to enter your company’s name, name, and business e-mail address and select the time zone and currency. Once you’ve created an account for your company, Snapchat will ask you to create your first campaign and set up an ad account. In a second step, you have to enter the payment method.

Create Your Filters

You can even create your filters, called community filters, on Snapchat. To do this, you need an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop or similar.

Discover Section

The Discover function has been available on Snapchat since the beginning of 2015. This is a platform for media companies that work closely with Snapchat and therefore have a particular channel on the app. These include, for example, Geographic, CNN and VICE.

How To Place ADS

In terms of advertising, Snapchat offers a decisive advantage over other social networks: All content accessed on Snapchat receives the user’s full attention. The content is always actively accessed, and it is shown in full view on the display. In addition, there are noticeably unconventional advertising formats on Snapchat to present a company or product. We have listed the individual advertising campaigns for you below:

  • Snap ads can be found as small advertising windows between the personal snaps of the user. Here you can place promotional videos in portrait format. With a swiping movement, the user can open a new screen within the placed ad and thus receive further information. The costs vary and depend on how many people you want to reach with the advert.
  • There is also the option to create sponsored filters. On the one hand, these include the so-called on-demand filter, which is particularly useful as a marketing campaign for shops and restaurants and events. These are filters that relate to the user’s geographic location and can be designed as desired and, for example, provided with a logo. On the other hand, it is possible to offer your lenses in the app for a limited period. These are created in collaboration with Snapchat. In addition to the animated image mask, the logo also appears on the screen. Official figures regarding the costs are not publicly known but are estimated to be in the six-digit range for a few hours. These are advertising formats that the user does not necessarily perceive as advertising – this is rare in the advertising industry!

This Gives Your Company More Reach On Snapchat

Reach also plays a decisive role on Snapchat. However, you have to work it out first. The best way to do this is through good content appealing to your target group via your account. In addition, you can use other platforms, your website or your newsletter to draw attention to your Snapchat account. The so-called Snapcode has also proven to be helpful. This unique QR code can be captured with a camera and then forwarded to the corresponding profile. This can be attached to menus or product packaging, for example.


Snapchat has quite a bit of marketing potential. However, Snapchat marketing is still in its infancy in this country. Some companies now have an account on Snapchat and use the app for marketing purposes. However, there has not yet been a sensational campaign in this country. In the USA, on the other hand, Taco Bell, for example, has achieved some success with Snapchat. Therefore, companies and brands that want to address a young target group should deal with Snapchat. But we also advise other companies to do so because platforms like Instagram are getting closer and closer to Snapchat.

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