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Social Media In Public Administration: Results And Practical Tips

At the point when “Facebook” or “Twitter” were unfamiliar words in policy management finished. Today, workplaces and specialists likewise depend on the scope of virtual entertainment. Be that as it may, how significant is online entertainment in policy implementation, which channels are utilized, and for what reason?

To find solutions to these inquiries, we overviewed 137 agents of associations in policy management. A specialist in correspondence with specialists imparted important hints for fruitful correspondence to experts via online entertainment.

The Use Of Social Media

Social media is here to stay. Only in around 13 percent of the organizations surveyed does social media marketing not (yet) play a role. The respondents rate the influence of social networks in public administration as correspondingly high. Organizations in public administration use Facebook the most, followed by Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

A small number also dare to use TikTok and Snapchat. This corresponds to the importance given to individual channels in our survey. Many respondents also find Google My Business necessary. This is probably because public organizations receive ratings via the portal. 

Type And Purposes Of Use

Most respondents see the main task of social media in public administration as providing information and communicating with citizens or interested parties. The presentation as an employer hardly played a role in the answers.

Social media is also used for paid advertising, reputation management, success measurement and reporting, and media monitoring. Paid advertising in social media is also widespread in public administration. Only a third of the organizations in our survey don’t serve ads. However, the monthly sums spent on advertising on social networks often need to be more significant. 

These Formats Are The Most Successful

In social media marketing, it has been clear for some time: videos are king. This also applies to a large extent to public administration. In our analysis, video posts achieved the most interactions on Twitter and Instagram, followed by image posts. Link posts are the top performers on Facebook. Their interaction rate is almost double that of videos. Organizations in public administration benefit if they regularly post references to blog articles, studies, or other sources.

Best Times To Post

When are the best days to post, at the beginning or end of the week or even at the weekend? Even if many would like it, there is no universal answer to this question. But there are tendencies for different networks. In our evaluation, Instagram posts achieved the most interactions on Friday. Tuesday was the best performer on Facebook, also by a considerable margin.

On Twitter, the interaction rate decreases towards the weekend. On the professional network LinkedIn, it falls, not surprisingly, on the other hand. “Hotspots” can also be identified as the best time to post. So late afternoon or early evening is an excellent time to get lots of interactions. It’s also worth posting a tweet or two during your lunch break.

Tips For The Successful Use Of Social Media In Public Administration

Social media brings great potential for communication in public administration. However, social media managers also face particular questions and challenges. This is particularly true in crisis communication, which is central during Corona. The owner of the Capital Communication Agency communicated for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees during the refugee crisis and for the Federal Ministry of the Interior during the attack. During the Corona crisis, she took care of the accounts of political organizations, authorities, and associations. 

What A Social Media Concept Should Contain

A social media concept is a foundation for the successful use of social media in public administration. The central components are the following: Target groups and goals: Who do I want to address via social media, and what do I want to achieve?

  1. Content: What content do I want to use to address my target group and achieve my goals?
  2. Discussion: What is my community management strategy? How do I want to respond to inquiries from citizens?
  3. Responsibilities: Who is responsible for which tasks?
  4. Budget: How much money do I have for social media management?
  5. Deployment of personnel: How much personnel do I need?

Which Platforms Are Critical In Crisis Communication

Our survey showed that organizations in public administration use Instagram intensively. This is less true in the Corona crisis: “In the crisis, much more is communicated via Facebook, since the platform is more info-heavy and appeals to a broader target group.” Twitter is and will remain an essential channel for offices and authorities. It is particularly suitable for reaching multipliers who then pass on information.

How The Effort Can Be Reduced With Text Modules

The same questions keep popping up in public administration. Always giving the same answer saves time. However, it is impersonal and has an effect similar to automation. But there is another way to reduce the effort:  For example, a Google Doc or a social media management tool like is suitable. The building blocks can then be called up when required. However, they should not simply be copied. It is essential to address the questioner personally and to adapt the answer to their specific concern. Then there is not much work behind it, but the communication becomes much more personal.”


Whether crisis communication, dissemination of important information, or everyday communication with citizens, social networks are a valuable support in public administration. So it is logical that more and more offices and authorities are resorting to it.  However, the requirements in this area differ partly from those in companies’ social media marketing. Intuition and personal communication play a central role. 

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