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Social Media Key Figures: They Are Important

In the context of professional social media marketing, specific vital figures offer the possibility of evaluating the value of the marketing measures carried out and their effect.

In this context, high-quality social media services from Followersnet can, for example, ensure that the relevant key figures are significantly improved. Thus, the success of social media marketing can be increased considerably.

The following article explains which KPIs in the area of ​​marketing measures in social networks are essential.

Awareness Of The Brand

The term brand awareness means the level of attention that a brand receives in the social networks within a defined period. To measure this, it is necessary to determine statically relevant data.

Attention can be rated based on many different social media metrics, such as impressions, links, shares, or mentions. To consider this crucial figure, the respective reporting period can be determined individually, whether a quarter, a month or just a week.

To measure brand awareness, the first step is to select the metric to be used for the evaluation. The reporting period is then defined. The next step is to ensure consistency to ensure that developments in this area can be checked based on reliable and precise data.

Audience Growth Rate

The target group or audience growth rate describes how the number of followers of the brand is growing on the social platforms. They can therefore be used to evaluate how quickly the acquisition of new followers is proceeding. However, the most important thing here is how your speed of follower acquisition is compared to the competition or a past period.

All new followers are measured for this crucial figure – across platforms. These net followers then need to be shared by the total audience. The result obtained in this way is then multiplied by 100. This shows the audience growth rate in percent.

Reach Of The Contributions

The number of people a post has been displayed since its publication is specified as the post or post reach. The determination of this crucial figure is straightforward and is also easy to understand. Since it can also be primarily influenced by the respective content and the timing of the publication, this is an exceptionally well usable KPI.

To get the KPI, all you have to do is measure the reach of a post. This is then divided by the total number of followers. The result then has to be multiplied by 100 to calculate the distance of the respective position in percent.

The Potential Scope Of The Contributions

The potential reach of the posts is used to indicate how many people could have seen a position at a given point in time if a post is shared by one of the followers themselves. The potential reach increases by around two to five percent of their number of followers, for example.

Since it is essential in social media marketing to continuously enlarge the audience, it is necessary to understand this metric. Progress can only be measured correctly if the potential reach is known.

An appropriate monitoring tool should be used to track the total number of mentions of the respective brand. The number of followers who saw the words is also recorded. The two numbers are then multiplied together to find out what the theoretical range is. The potential range then makes up between two and five percent of this theoretical range.

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