Take Advantage Of WhatsApp Business On Your E-Commerce

Did you have any idea that you could utilize WhatsApp to help your web-based business? Do you know WhatsApp Business and its highlights? WhatsApp is another way to speak with your clients. Perhaps only for the client care of your online business. You don’t have to have a versatile number to have the option to utilize the new form of WhatsApp Business. It can likewise be utilized with a proper number. Figure out how it functions!

WhatsApp Will Increasingly Be An App Designed For SMEs

Organizations frequently use WhatsApp to send exchanges to their clients, for example, clothing stores, eateries for reservations, and considerably more, by collaborating with the profile of a normal proprietor of the business that has made this help accessible.

Involving WhatsApp for your business and for speaking with individuals, you might find in the rundown of messages not just inquiries from clients keen on your administrations or items but additionally notices from companions who welcome you to a soccer match or a Saturday outing. Presently, everything changes. On account of the new WhatsApp Business variant, you will want to isolate individual messages from those connected with the work environment and have your presence on stage.

How To Install

By installing the application with its 19.7 MB on your phone or tablet for free at the official Google Play link: Download WhatsApp Business and start by recording all your business data, such as address, city, multiple websites, description of your activities, opening hours, and email address. The desktop version is also available.

Mobile Number News

If you thought you could use your mobile number for both WhatsApp Classic and WhatsApp Business, this is not possible. If you try to enter the same number in the Business application, it will ask you to remove the association with the number in the Classic WhatsApp application. Don’t worry, though; this operation can also be done in reverse to re-associate your mobile number with the classic version.

The main novelty of WhatsApp Business lies in the fact that you can register a telephone number belonging to a SIM not inserted in the telephone or, better yet, a landline number referring to your business. WhatsApp Business, therefore, is free from SIM, unlike the standard version.

Additional Configurations

Among the additional configurations, you can set a message in case of absence, a welcome message, and quick pre-set replies that can be recalled quickly to greet or thank your customers. A series of specific statistics are also available:

  1. sent messages
  2. delivered messages
  3. messages read
  4. received messages

WhatsApp Business users will be identifiable by normal users with a distinctive sign. Of course, all normal users will be able to use your application without having to change anything.

One Step Ahead For E-Commerce

This new version of WhatsApp Business is also good news for cleaning up your accounts. This is particularly good news for those involved in eCommerce or those who want to provide a timely service to increasingly demanding customers who buy online. Furthermore, rumors say that soon there will be the possibility of receiving in-App payments, transforming a simple application for sending messages into something that will bring us ever closer to online sales.


WhatsApp Business could change the logic of what is called “WhatsApp Marketing”, even more so now that a landline phone number can be registered. Today, WhatsApp, with its new Business application, formalizes its vocation as a useful tool for everyone, both individuals and companies. We recall that worldwide, it collects data from between 1 billion and 400 million users. If you have an activity, our advice is to activate it immediately.

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