The Business Trends For 2021

We are currently in economic upheaval. Many traditional industries are being displaced by the Internet or are being forced to develop a digital business model. The ongoing financial crisis with the restrictions is also causing many business people to rethink. But this situation is an opportunity of the century, especially for new companies. 

People who are familiar with the Internet can build on their skills and develop their modern business model. The future is digital, at least. That is what many industry experts predict. You can start a lot with a digital business model, which is not susceptible to crises. At this point, we will deal with trends that are likely to last longer and how you can gain from them.

The Right Foundation

If you want to become self-employed, you have to deal with which legal form should be used. A classic trade is particularly suitable for solo founders, as the start-up costs are manageable here. However, if you want to use the advantages of a corporation, you can also set up a company (or UG for short). Colloquially, this legal form is also known as the Ein-Euro-GmbH. The share capital must be at least one euro. 

You should pay this into your particular business account when you set up the company. A business account for the UG opens quickly. With the advance of neobanks in particular, many account providers are moving into the European market. The choice is getting bigger and bigger. A provider, especially for new entrepreneurs, would be Qonto, for example, which scores exceptionally well compared to other providers.

Support From Other Businesses Business

Models that give other companies an advantage or even renew the business model are welcome. Many companies in Germany depend on help with digital change. Consulting services in this area are, therefore, a first profitable approach. But the development of software that supports old business models in remaining sustainable will also become more and more popular in the B2B market. The offer for restaurateurs for simple apps is a good example. But opening up new marketplaces via software is also an excellent way from which all sides can benefit. Delivery service apps are currently booming in large cities.

Selling On The Net

Retail is probably the industry that has been hit hardest. Traditional retail stores have been battling competition from the Internet for years. Even before 2020, sales in B2C Business shifted more and more to the Internet. The exit restrictions have in this development but kindled a new fire. Consumers could no longer go shopping, which is why more and more was spent on the Internet. Shops that did not move their Business online quickly enough had to accept a slump in sales.

Department stores such as Amazon and Co have significantly benefited from this development. Therefore, start-ups in the B2C market need to have an online strategy at an early stage. Business models that use other existing sales models are also on the rise. If you are afraid of not having enough traffic on your online shop, you can also build your shop based on other providers such as Amazon or eBay. What sounds very old-fashioned at first is the path that many founders use to start their careers.

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