The Jira Migrator: 5 Application Examples

First agile, then hybrid: The Can-Do Migrator accelerates change In this blog, we have pointed out several times that the integration of Can Do and Jira®, which makes hybrid project management possible, is straightforward to implement. Above all, this is thanks to the Jira® Migrator, an app in Can Do that ensures that all data from agile projects – via the hybrid bridge, as it were – ends up in classically oriented project management. But because all theory is grey, we are now showing what we programmed the Jira® Migrator for.

But first, let’s go back to the basics: If you want to give your projects an additional boost through more planning security, optimized reporting and AI-supported resource management, then hybrid project management is the solution. To do this, you migrate the data of your Jira® systems to Can Do – with the help of the Jira® migrator and in the following steps:

  • Have an “empty” Can Do system ready in the cloud and make the Jira® systems accessible – whether on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Select the desired boards, projects, epics and users from one or more Jira® installations.
  • In Can Do, the automatic creation of portfolios, projects, and phases toast.
  • Start live operation with Jira® Migration: All changes in Jira® are automatically reproduced in Can Do.

In this way, hybrid project management is created with Can Do and its migrator for the Jira® migration. The individual teams remain agile, and the project control takes place in network technology.

Application Examples

Jira® Migration To centralize projects

If you use several Jira® instances on different Jira® servers, you can collect all data with the help of the migrator and manage it in a single Can Do the installation.

Migration To Get To Know Can Do

Suppose you have an IT department in your company working with a Jira® server for a long time. Seen from the project side, it works pretty well. But now management wants to know if the IT budget is justified. Options must therefore be created for a Comprehensive Reporting system that includes, for example, resources and their utilization, cost control or actual time recording. Can implement all of this. To determine whether Can Do also meets all expectations, a reversible test installation is implemented with the help of the migrator.

Jira® Migration To Simplify Time Recording In

In the IT environment, in particular, it is common for employees to work by the hour at the customer’s site and to be booked for entire projects and thus for more extended periods. If the customer company now works with Jira®, the employees of the IT service provider can also record their time there. The IT company itself “pulls” the time recording from the Jira® customer system into its own Can Do the installation and process it there. Because the migrator allows individual project employees to be delimited, it is ensured that only its own employees’ time and attendance data, but not that of the customer staff, arrives at Can Do.

Jira® Migration To Automate Demand Management

The larger the company, the more demanding demand management becomes. This applies, in particular, to internationally working teams that, based on their skills, are put together across countries and time zones. Here, too, the Can Do Migrator connects all of the company’s globally distributed Jira® servers with a central Can Do system. This saves the project managers from manually updating the actual hours and ensures that all phases (epics) in the projects are generated with one click. Hybrid project management saves the project managers a lot of effort and time.

Migration To Make Large Projects Transparent

You undoubtedly know this: You started planning a more extensive implementation or development project in Jira®. And it gets bigger and bigger – until several hundred epics have been created, which are filled with stories in the backlog. All of this has to be presented to the steering committee and to offer the mega project in a compressed form, you have also installed a whole range of add-ons for Jira®. But the project presentation fails because the steering committee would have expected facts that agile project management can only inadequately – or not at all – provide. This includes capacity planning, milestones, baseline plans, risk analyzes, cost trends or forecasts. Delivering these things is more accessible than expected thanks to the Jira® Migrator from Can Do: The Migrator imports the project as a whole, creates sub-projects for the epics and provides the steering committee with all evaluations and analyses in clear dashboards.

What Can The Migrator Do For You?

Can Do’s Jira® Migrator be the perfect tool to make your Jira® installations part of the hybrid project management with Can Do? The most important thing in advance is what you expect from the integration and what challenges hybrid project management should master for you. Inspire us and let us know what you plan to do with your project management.

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