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Tips For On The Go: These Twelve Travel Gadgets Enrich Your Vacation

On vacation, we often have to forego the convenience of essential utensils that make our life easier. There are tons of practical travel gadgets that are at least as good.

Whether it is a camping holiday or a mountain hike, a business trip or backpacking: When we leave our familiar home, we often renounce the luxury that we are used to at home. That doesn’t limit us on vacation, but it is sorely missed. Especially when we sleep on mother earth, drink lousy coffee or have to wear wrinkled clothes. With the right travel gadgets, these problems will be a thing of the past.

Travel Towel

The longer you go on vacation, the more difficult it becomes to take all the textiles you need in everyday life – especially the towel. Before you plug in several copies that only cost you a lot of space, it is advisable to use unique travel towels made of microfiber. On the one hand, the models are significantly narrower and lighter, and on the other hand, they have the favourable property of drying much faster. This is worth its weight in gold when travelling.

Luggage Scale

Hand on heart: Have you ever stood on your scales with your packed suitcase at least once to find out how heavy your luggage is? Then you are not the only one! Especially when you want to fly to another country, every additional kilo plays a decisive role when packing your suitcase. It is all the more essential to determine the weight of your luggage before checking in. With the digital hand scales, this will no longer be a problem in the future.

Travel Sleeping Bag

It weighs just 155 grams and still does a great job: The travel sleeping bag protects you from dirty bed linen when you travel. Especially when backpacking, in a hut or a third-class hostel, the hygienic standards are rather inadequate – the practical microfiber inlay is breathable and pleasant on the skin. When folded, the sleeping bag does not take up more than a handful in the backpack and is, therefore, the ideal companion for on the go.

Ear Protection For The Flight

If you want to travel to a far-away country, you usually sit on the plane for several hours. The Senner TravelPro hearing protection is ideal for equalizing the pressure and blocking out the noise: The special earplugs filter the noise without blocking out all of the surrounding noise. In other words, when an important announcement comes in, you will hear it despite hearing protection. Alternatively, there are also matching earplugs for sleeping.

Travel Adapter 

In many countries, the sockets look different from Germany – charging electrical devices quickly becomes a significant problem. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to take a travel adapter with you, which is available in more than 170 countries (including the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, Israel, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Fiji, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Botswana, etc.) can be used.

Ultralight Hammock

How badly have you ever missed your bed while on vacation? Especially on a camping holiday, the hard ground is often a horror – especially for people with back problems. An outdoor hammock can be of great use here: whether travelling, trekking, hiking or on the beach: The stable material is highly tear-resistant and can also be folded up to the size of a football – and therefore fits in any luggage.

Foldable Kettle

Electronic devices are often difficult to stow in luggage. You could often use them on the campsite or in the mountains. Especially a kettle for warm meals or hot drinks is efficient on vacation – provided there is a socket nearby. In this case, a foldable kettle is ideal, which is ideal for outdoor activities with a capacity of half a litre. 

Waterproof Bag

If you spend your vacation on the water – be it in a boat, kayak or canoe – you should protect technical devices such as smartphones and cameras from moisture. A waterproof bag is ideal here, which can be attached to the boat with a unique strap and (depending on the size) offers enough space for all items that should not get wet. 

Travel Journal

Even if the mobile phone records most of the holiday impressions these days, many travellers occasionally feel the need to write down their experiences. A diary with blank pages is particularly suitable for this, on which you can record everything that moved you on vacation: pictures, receipts, words or even paintings. There are no limits to the possibilities. Years later, the travel diary will remind you of the beautiful vacation.

Scratch Map

Before the vacation is after the vacation: If you like to travel a lot, the Scratch Map is the ideal companion – even if you don’t take the world map with you. This is hung on the wall at home so that after every other trip, you can scratch off the country in which you spent your vacation. Over time, more and more coloured surfaces come to light, which always reminds you of where you have already been … and where (yet) not.

Portable Espresso Machine

In many countries, coffee is downright inedible – this is not due to the coffee itself, but to how the local people prefer to drink it. You can use a portable espresso machine to don’t have to go without your favourite coffee on vacation. It only works through pressure, without electricity, and can be used anywhere, provided you can heat the water beforehand.

Wrinkle-Free Shirt Pocket 

Do you know that too? You make an effort in advance to iron all the shirts for the upcoming business trip – to find out on-site that the sensitive items of clothing are wrinkled again. You can avoid this nuisance with a foldable shirt pocket, which, due to its hard shell, its double-sided design and its specially shaped case, protects the textiles from wrinkles and the collar.

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