Top 5 Cloud Communications Companies

Top cloud communication companies are quickly transforming the world of communication today. These companies are increasingly providing technology solutions across all sectors ranging from education to healthcare all the way to financial institutions. Plus, they have made working remotely easy and practical during this period of the pandemic. According to one survey by Upwork, more than 41.8% of employees prefer working from home as opposed to the on-premises working setup.

As such, it is wise to have a robust and reliable cloud communication platform in place. This particular platform will undoubtedly increase or maintain the productivity of your employees and the company in general.

The question is, which cloud communication company is ideal for your needs? To find the answer to this question, you need to analyze each cloud communication company you come across. So, by comparing and contrasting the companies’ features, you can easily and quickly choose the right one. Below is a comprehensive list of the top five cloud communications companies you need to know.

1. Mvix

Mvix comes in handy with cloud-based applications to make communication easy and effective. This digital signage software is capable of displaying MS office, news, videos, social media, alerts, and event listings in real-time. In an actual sense, this digital signage software acts as a central platform for generating, deploying, or managing visually dynamic content on the digital signs.

Furthermore, this digital signage software from Mvix makes it easy for you to showcase relevant content to your target audiences. This is made possible with its more than 150 content applications and features such as:

  • Multi-content playlists
  • Zone-based templates
  • Content scheduling
  • Dynamic content widgets
  • Media library
  • Drag-n-drop playlists
  • Remote device management
  • Multi-zone screen layouts
  • Scheduling and dayparting

The Mvix club-based application is exactly what you need to enhance communication between your employees and different departments. As a matter of fact, this cloud communication company provides a rich platform that can help you achieve a great milestone for your project and marketing team.

2. Twilio

Twilio is considered one of the most flexible and trusted cloud communications companies on the market today. This platform comes with a variety of ways and means to help you connect your communication stack easily and quickly.

Apart from that, Twilio provides SMS, VoIP, and video conferencing including many other communication methods via programmable communications. This cloud-based communication company allows you to have easy access to Application Programming Interface (API) solutions. Keep in mind that API brings video, voice, and messaging solutions into your applications.

Twilio’s flexibility allows your business to leverage all available communications tools. By doing so, this company helps you improve customer service and employee collaboration all the time.

3. Vonage

Vonage is regarded as the world’s top communication contender and innovator in the world of UCaaS and CPaaS. The existing Vonage Business Communications (VBC) environment enables conversations to take place across the globe via voice, messaging, SMS, video, social media, and more. At the same time, Vonage assures end-users of an exceptional 99.99% uptime with at least 50 business phone features for users to choose from.

Its VBC environment boasts support in more than 40 countries. Additionally, this cloud-based communication company enjoys more than 95 world phone numbers for inbound calling between the countries that support it.

So, if your company is still in the growth stage, you may turn to Vonage to offer you excellent flexibility, collaboration tools, and a host of mobility.

4. Plivo

Plivo is a little bit similar to Twilio and other leading cloud-based communications companies. However, Plivo supports several companies and organizations in creating and establishing a state-of-the-art communication system.

It also provides a rich foundation for companies to build aligned, personalized, and simplified communications systems with APIs. That is it is regarded as one of the best cloud-based communication platform providers when it comes to customer satisfaction.

As a client of this company, you are likely to reap huge benefits such as unlimited access to a wide range of helpful communication tools and exceptional ease of use.

5. Whispir

With the Whispir cloud communication platform, you can improve your communications strategy significantly. You can also use this platform to deliver actionable, more timely, and useful content to deserving users.

In most cases, Whispir helps users focus primarily on messaging technology. This cloud communication platform provides templates for your emails, web, social, or other communications options. It also creates room for extensive workflows, especially for automating different types of digital landscapes.

You can take advantage of Whispir to unlock your management tools, improve ways of tracking customer relationships, and mine enough data for useful insights in your extensive reports. Bear in mind that the more in-depth your reports look, the easier it becomes for you to make sound business decisions. Therefore, you need Whispir to help achieve your goals.

Final Thought

In addition to providing features available on cloud communication platforms, the above-mentioned cloud communications companies cater to your needs. They offer customizable solutions to businesses, companies, and organizations that care deeply about their customers’ needs. Reach out to any of these companies and enjoy endless cloud-based communication services throughout.

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