Understanding TikTok’s Algorithm To Gain More Reach In 2022

TikTok is a global short video social media platform that has gained mass popularity since its launch in 2016. It has amassed a huge number of people. In 2018, TikTok merged with another popular app Musical.ly and was globally launched. Since then, it has grown in popularity.

Other than people, many brands also use TikTok to gain attention and gather more customers. Moreover, you can even use several marketing tools to show ads to targeted people with its growing popularity. These are helpful to gain more TikTok followers, likes and comments. Moreover, many businesses also buy TikTok followers to kick start their journey. But understanding the algorithm will go long way in your business’s success.

What is the TikTok algorithm?

The TikTok algorithm is a recommendation engine that determines which videos display on your ‘For You’ page. On ‘For You tab,’ no two users will ever watch the identical videos, and the videos you see may change over time depending on your viewing choices and even your present mood.

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

Initially, social media platforms kept their algorithms hidden. And why wouldn’t they? Given that the recommendation system is a copyrighted technology that contributes to the uniqueness of each social media network.

Algorithms are one of the most effective ways for social networks to entice people and hold their attention. TikTok does not want spammers and other nefarious characters to be able to manipulate the algorithm to receive more attention than they deserve.

However, as users have grown increasingly distrustful over past few years of social media’s inner workings, most platforms have disclosed the fundamentals of their algorithms.

How TikTok’s Algorithm sort content?

User interactions

The TikTok algorithm is similar to the Instagram algorithm, it shows recommendations based on a user’s interactions with the app’s content. These information includes, anything that discloses the information about the type of content a user likea or dislikes, such as:

  • Accounts you follow
  • Creators you’ve hidden
  • Your comments you’ve posted
  • Longer videos you watch till the end (aka video completion rate)
  • The content you produce for your own account
  • The interest you have shown by interacting with organic content.

Video information

Video information signals are based on the content you seek out on the ‘Discover tab,’ whereas user interaction signals are based on how you connect with other users on the app. This can include using captions, sounds, hashtags, effects and trending topics.

Device and account settings

  • TikTok uses these variables to improve app’s performance. However, they don’t have as much influence on what you see on the site as user interaction and video information signals because they’re dependent on one-time settings choices rather than active engagements.
  • The TikTok algorithm includes device and account settings, such as language preference, country setting, type of mobile device, and your interest categories.

Tips to make TikTok’s Algorithm work for you

Hook Your Audience

  • TikTok encourages videos that are easy to digest, have a smooth loop, and cater to users with a short attention span because watching a video in its entirety is a significant interest signal.
  • As a result, it’s crucial to grab your audience’s attention within the first three seconds of the video. With over 1 billion monthly active users, people want to be amused right now, or they’ll move on to the next app.

Focus on a Niche

  • The more videos you share relevant to your niche regularly, the more the TikTok algorithm will recognise your expertise on that and start serving your material to the correct audience and increase TikTok views.
  • Consider the themes of content that your target audience responds to. For example, is it makeup tutorials, relationship advice, stand-up comedy routines, or product reviews?
  • Once you’ve locked down your speciality, regularly include keywords in your captions and video material. Then, give the system all the information to classify your content.

Use Trending Audio

  • It goes without saying that trending audio and TikTok get on like a house on fire.
  • Since the TikTok algorithm favours videos using trending sounds, consider jumping on trends while they’re still hot.

Use Relevant Hashtags

  • Hash tags are the signals that tell Titok’s algorithm what your content is about. Search for popular and trending hashtags in your niche and include them in your post. This will significantly improve your engagement rate and visibility.
  • For example, if you love gardening and want to promote your niche, you may use hashtags like #plantingtips, #gardeningtips, or #bonsai.

Post at the right time

  • This is true for many social media platforms, but it is especially true for TikTok. This is because the algorithm looks for active involvement with your material.
  • As each audience is unique, choosing the time when your followers are most active is the best time to post. For that you can check your ‘Business or Creator account’ metrics to see when your audience is most active on the app.
  • Tap on the three dots located on the top right corner of your profile page. Then select Business Suite, followed by Analytics.

Engage with other TikTok users

  • A study found that 21 % of TikTokers said brands that converse with people’s postings make them feel more connected. So, Keeping track of the comments on your own videos is also important for the algorithm to build engagement signals.
  • Duets, Stitch, and video replies to comments are some of the unique ways to communicate with other TikTok creators. For example, a stitch is a tool that lets you cut and paste clips from other TikTokers’ videos into your own.

Don’t Delete Old Content

  • Videos on TikTok can go viral any time after posting. With a regular publishing schedule, there’s a strong chance that one of your videos may be featured on the ‘For You’ Page.
  • And if one of your older videos gains traction, you’ll have a ton of related content for visitors to read through and interact with.

Wrap up

Understanding Tiktok’s algorithm is the first step to growing organically. The second is how consistently you create content for your fans and followers. After all, the harder you work, the better your chances of success.

If you are a business, you can also buy Tiktok followers. Many businesses hire a 3rd party to increase their TikTok following organically. It is a good and easy way to begin improving your journey. As many businesses claim to increase your follower, but those are mostly bots and do not serve any purpose. So if you are buying TikTok followers, then always choose a reliable company.

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