Web Marketing: How To Increase Traffic With SEO

Creating a website is not much use if this portal receives few visits a day. To have visibility, you must be present in the first results of the search engines. In other words, you have to implement particular web marketing strategies that are contained in a single word: SEO. Let’s find out what it is!

An excellent digital marketing strategy cannot do without a website rich in content, easy to consult, but above all visible. Yes, because it is not enough to be present on search engines like Google, it is also necessary to be in the first results. If you are wondering how to do it, perhaps the time has come to learn about SEO or the set of web marketing activities to improve the positioning of a site on search engines. Here’s what it is and how it works!

Web Marketing: The Role Of SEO

Web marketing includes various activities that work in synergy to increase visibility and improve corporate reputation. SEO is one of these and aims to increase website visits. To understand what it is, just take a look at the acronym. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” or optimization for search engines.

What is SEO, and how does it work?

This means that SEO includes all web marketing activities to improve the positioning of a site within search engines and, specifically, Google. It is, in fact, the leading and most important portal used for searches around the world. On the other hand, the specialists in the sector formulate their strategies starting from studying Google’s algorithms. This search engine is based on a particular operation, which can change over the years, aiming to improve the user experience. Google, therefore, tries to show all the most relevant results concerning the search performed. For this reason, it is essential to take care of the structure and contents of a website to make them attractive to the engine.

SEO On-Page And Off-Page

Not only that, but the visibility of a website also depends on the age of the portal and on a significant factor, which is called ranking. This is the website’s reputation, which Google measures through the number of external links directed to the portal. SEO, therefore, works in two directions: optimizing the structure and contents of the website and creating external links to increase the ranking. The first activity is SEO on-page, while the second is off-page SEO. Both are fundamental and contribute to improving the web site’s positioning on Google organically, that is, free of charge. The search engine also offers another way to be visible in the first results: advertising.

Web Marketing: Differences Between SEO, SEA, And SEM

In this case, we are talking about SEA, which stands for “Search Engine Advertising.” This activity includes all web advertising campaigns on Google, allowing you to increase website visits. In this case, the search engine provides an ad hoc platform, Google Keyword Planner, which allows you to choose the best keywords to use for creating ads. This tool, in particular, offers beneficial information, including cost, monthly search range, and competition. The SEA is another tool to improve the visibility of your website and can be used in parallel with SEO. This branch of web marketing is often mistakenly identified with SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

In reality, SEM is nothing more than the union of SEO and SEA and therefore includes all optimization strategies, both organic and paid. At this point, however, to understand how it works, we need to get to the heart of the SEO strategy. Curious to get started? Keep reading!

On-Page SEO: How To Choose The Right Keywords

On-page SEO encompasses the most critical optimization activities. When you create a website, you must also consider the positioning and therefore consider how users search for your services. This means identifying the right search keywords or “keywords,” i.e., the words that users use to search for your company on Google. These keywords must be inserted in the pages’ structure and the textual content. Identifying the right keywords is the most challenging job and is a task for the SEO specialist.

How to choose the right keywords?

He is a web marketing professional who takes care of all the optimization activities of a portal, including keyword research. To do this, the SEO specialist uses tools that allow you to have an in-depth and timely analysis of the search volumes of the keywords and any competition from other websites. SEOzoom is one of them, but just as good is Ubersuggest.

Google Trends is instead a tool made available by the search engine that allows you to know the trend of keywords over time. This is beneficial information for all those searches that are seasonal and valuable for portals that write about current affairs. These tools can help you find the most effective keywords to position your website. At this point, after having identified them, you will only have to learn how to use them. Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

SEO Copywriting: What It Is And How It Works

If the SEO specialist is responsible for researching and planning keywords, the SEO copywriter takes care of using them in the right way. SEO copywriting therefore includes all SEO activities related to the optimization of the content on the website. In addition to entering the keywords in the right place, the SEO copywriter must also take care of other aspects related to creating the text. A well-optimized content must, for example, provide for the use of titles and subtitles in which the keyword or other related keywords must be entered. Not only that, but the length of a text is also significant.

Web Marketing: How To Create Valuable Content

Google tends to favor more articulated content-rich, invaluable information. This aspect deserves some reflection, as it is not enough to create very long texts. What is fundamental for positioning purposes is, in fact, the creation of valuable content. Beyond keywords, it is essential to create well-written texts that are easy to read and offer beneficial information. Another factor to consider is the use of links. In particular, good SEO copywriting involves the insertion of 3-4 links within the text, both internal and external to the site. At this point, you have all the information you need to undertake a good website optimization strategy. 

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