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What Makes E-Commerce Successful?

What makes e-commerce a winner? What makes a project competitive with the others? yet every year, 90% of born eCommerce dies, and only 20% of active e-commerce earn

After 21 years of #ecommerce: mistakes, wasted money, closed roads, glory, disappointments, taxes, successes; We have identified four fundamental aspects for this purpose:

E- Commerce Distinction

A single product or unique service, all following the same direction as sheep, could have been OK with the classic offline distribution. With online, it is impossible—only those who stand out win. Figashop comes to mind. Jerseys, for my thumb down, but it did talk a lot and sell. It is said that only two competitors can attend a category. If there are already two competitors, modify your product service to create a new class. Think, for example, of Boldking. The razor blades market was saturated. They sold themselves as the only (later the competition arrived, THE FIRST) company in the world to sell only online.


This somewhat goes hand in hand with point 1. Branding is the value a brand has in the buyer’s mind. If you buy from amazon, you do it with your eyes closed. If they offer you to do it on six continents, you think about it 15 times. Creating a powerful identity is essential. Think of Supreme New York’s poop site, yet it sells a lot. Supreme buyers are willing to face usability difficulties to have these products. So credibility, positive reviews and quality service, distinction by avoiding being the copy of others.

E- Commerce Staff

The staff in e-commerce is fundamental. In the first years of my e-commerce, We insisted on wanting to focus everything on myself and surround myself with people who asked for little (money). Apart from working 12-13 hours a day, the results were good, but not excellent. We decided to delegate what we didn’t know how to do (I don’t know how to do adv campaigns, and it has always been like that, We don’t like them, and I’m incapable; we have my staff do them) but we know how to coordinate, and we have a clear strategic framework, so find someone who compensates us is the solution. Only the balls are convinced that they can excellently do everything. Quality internal or external staff allows you to be successful.

E- Commerce Strategy

Without a strategy, you can’t go anywhere. Two months ago, We talked to an entrepreneur who was convinced he had a strategic plan, 3,000 € a month of advice for 12 months, customer service, and becoming the first in the sector in 3 years. This is not a strategy, but throwing the stone and hoping to catch something. We have been playing rugby and chess (strategic sports par excellence) since we were a child, so that we will be paranoid, but the strategy is. Having a complete picture of the situation, therefore:

  1. where we want to go
  2. what are the ways to follow
  3.  the changes to be pursued if my opponent (competitor, market) changes.

To say we spend 3000 € in advance is not knowing where to go. Imagine a football match (I’m not too fond of it, but at least we understand each other). You have to win a championship (mind you, a tournament, not a match), you have to start from the staff, you have to synergistically prepare those who will participate in the game inside and out, you have to foresee food, clothing, and foresee a game, training and communication strategy as a whole and a strategy for each different game.

You can’t say we have the best players (product), we play them (e-commerce), and we win (I sell)… with the fife. You will have to decide on promotions, neither too many in negative nor too many in positive, you cannot make too many discounts or fail, you will not be able to do just one type of advertising campaigns, you will have to attack the market and at the same time adapt to it and to the situations that arise.

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