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What Modules Are Available In SAP Business One?

Intended primarily for small and medium-sized companies, SAP Business One was developed with advanced technology for integrated management. This makes it easier to control all processes with more efficiency, agility, and profitability. 

The software brings together in a single system everything you need to manage your business: accounting and finance, purchasing and sales management, inventory and distribution, reports, and administration. 

To meet the needs of each company, the software has a customizable system. Therefore, you can choose which SAP Business One modules you want to include in your package. 

Another advantage of the system is that its activities can be changed even after implementation. In other words, you can expand the functionalities to meet the company’s new needs whenever necessary. 

Furthermore, it can be implemented in the office or the cloud. With the cloud option, employees can access information from anywhere and in real-time from day one. 

Description Of The Main Functionalities Of SAP Business One Modules

SAP Business One is divided into modules and areas to ensure that all process stages are carried out in the best way possible. Below, we will explain each of them and their main features. Follow along!

Inventory Management 

One of the SAP Business One modules is aimed at inventory management. This functionality allows you to track serial numbers, prices, and inventories more easily. 

It is also possible to generate a preparation list for open orders. The module also allows:

  • Batch management 
  • Stock counting 
  • Delivery management 
  • Deposit and accounting integration 
  • Article master
  • Report generation 

Sales Management

This is one of the most critical SAP Business One modules. This allows you to create offers, enter customer orders, define deliveries, update stock, and manage invoices and accounts receivable. 

With an extensive set of dashboards, the software guarantees more transparency for the management of the sales team, as well as greater control over results and performance. 

The module also allows you to organize data and monitor:

  • Returns management
  • Advances management 
  • Generate documents 
  • Claims
  • Generate reports and analysis  
  • Offer management
  • Order management 
  • Product delivery 
  • Delayed orders
  • Mobile sales

Tax Management

Furthermore, another module available is tax management. This tool unifies processes such as the entry and exit of goods and finance. Thus, there is more assertiveness in recording the Invoice. 

In this sense, this tool allows the issuance of fiscal SPED, Block K, and ECF, among others. This allows you to save time, have a checklist of the main points that must be checked, and reduce the risk of having your SPED rejected.  

  • Among the main topics of this module, we can mention:
  • SPED Accounting
  • NF-e 4.0
  • CT-e
  • eSocial
  • ECF
  • ECD
  • K Block
  • EFD-Reinf

Financial Management 

This functionality allows your company to be more efficient and productive. This allows you to control accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow, banks, and treasury. 

The module can be integrated with billing and payment systems, helping to organize expenses and payments. Furthermore, it also allows you to track: 

  • Budgets 
  • Analytical accounting
  • Financial reports  
  • Control 
  • Accounting 
  • Bank management
  • Fixed asset management

Business Intelligence 

With this tool, you can quickly adapt forms, queries, and reports. Therefore, it allows for powerful alert management that allows you to obtain real-time information about the evolution of your business. 

Additionally, the tool allows:

  • Creating and customizing reports
  • Interactive analysis 
  • Intuitive tools 
  • Analytical functions with predefined metrics
  • Powerful data visualizations
  • Dashboards and reports 
  • Real-time analytics
  • Control 

Purchasing Management

This is one of the SAP Business One modules that allows you to manage your entire area of ​​supplies and materials for production. This makes it easier to monitor the entire purchasing process, from quotation to approval. 

The tool also guarantees control over the receipt of purchases, simplifying the service for those responsible for the sector. With this module, it is also possible to organize:

  • Acquisition 
  • Master data management
  • Report generation 
  • Purchase Order
  • Transport management
  • Product cost
  • Planning material

By choosing SAP Business One module, you guarantee significant advantages for your company.

As seen previously, choosing the SAP Business One module guarantees excellent advantages for your company. Among them are the automation of processes, reduced errors, and greater control of operations. Therefore, it is worth investing.

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