What Software And Hardware Components Does A Company Need?

Nowadays, start-ups and traditional companies cannot do without modern PC technology, including software for the relevant industry. This makes work more accessible and reduces the effort required for certain operations. The expenses for hardware and programs depend on the number of employees, the line of business, and the required performance of the individual components. Although the EDP used from a B2B hardware and software shop depends on the available budget and personal requirements, some minimum requirements are recommended in every company.

What Essential Equipment Does A Company Need?

Depending on the activities that are to be taken over by the EDP, you need the following hardware and software:

  • computers / laptops
  • monitor
  • keyboard mouse
  • printer
  • scanner
  • operating system
  • Office program
  • accounting program
  • Industry-standard programs, such as tradesman, booking, and marketing software

If necessary, a microphone and (web) camera are also part of the required equipment, for example, if customer contacts are made via the Internet.

Computer Selection Criteria

Choosing a suitable PC depends on which applications are used and the intensity.

For the simple creation of offers and invoices via EDP, no high-performance computer equipped with the latest processor and enormous RAM is required. If, on the other hand, you create complex graphics, web, or app applications for customers, a modern computer is recommended whose individual components, including sound and graphics card, are coordinated so that they do not slow each other down.

The built-in hard drives do not have to be the biggest. Here at least one external hard disk should also be available so that a backup can be carried out on which the current data is saved.

If several computers are used in the company, it is recommended that they are equipped with WLAN to communicate with each other, and data can be accessed. Under certain circumstances, the use of a server is advantageous here, on which all required files are stored and can be accessed by any PC.

Monitor, Keyboard, And Mouse Requirements

The screen size depends on the work being done on the computer. For example, a larger diagonal screen is recommended if this is highly detailed in drawing programs. Twenty-four inches are already sufficient for everyday office work.

When choosing a keyboard and mouse, paying attention to an ergonomic shape is advisable. They should also be wireless to ensure better handling.

Printers And Scanners

Although there are already reliable combination devices that can print, scan and copy documents, individual components should be purchased. If a feature no longer works properly, a completely new purchase is required, which usually causes higher costs than buying the individual components.

The devices should be WLAN-enabled so that any PC can use them. This saves, for example, the purchase of several printers.

Recommended Software For Business

  • Regardless of the industry of a company, the following software solutions are existential:
  • operating system
  • virus protection
  • Office program, including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation
  • email program
  • accounting software
  • data backup
  • calendar software

While there are free solutions in each area, such as “Linux” as an operating system and “Avast Free Antivirus” as an anti-virus program, paid software is usually recommended, as it often offers a broader range of functions and more security.

In addition, industry-specific programs are recommended to ensure a smooth workflow. For example, the following software is suitable here:

  • Craftsman and construction software
  • Booking software for the hotel, restaurant, and event industry
  • merchandise management programs
  • Finance and Insurance Programs

Alternatives To Purchase

There are not only the possibilities of buying a new one for companies if no hardware is available. It may be worth leasing or renting the required components to the company.

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