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10 Essential Things To Consider In Professional Web Design

Creating a professional web design is a very complex process. This can be compared to the construction of a city; after all, user-friendliness, functionality, aesthetics, and mobility should not be neglected.

If mistakes are made in web design, these can sometimes have annoying consequences. Therefore, many companies and small businesses rely on local professional service providers to benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise in this area.

The following article presents the ten most important things that should be considered when designing a professional website.

Straightforward Design Instead Of Animations, Sliders, And Flash

Nowadays, Flash animations should generally be avoided; the same applies to animated images. These do not match a professional appearance on the Internet. They should only be used when it adds value and is essential.

Sliders are also problematic since the individual elements often run too fast or too slowly, so the message cannot be conveyed correctly.

Choose Colors Carefully

Many website owners also make big mistakes when choosing colors. The choice of colors is often not harmonious. As a result, the readability of the content can suffer. As a result, desired conversions are reduced.

When choosing colors, importance should be attached to the fact that they have an aesthetic effect, support the website’s topic psychologically, and lead to good readability.

Set On The Appropriate Font

Of course, there shouldn’t be a dispute about taste, but the font plays a vital role in a professional website.

Here a distinction is made between the commercial typesetting and the bread typeface. The display typesetting is used to emphasize individual passages. Artistic fonts can be chosen for this.

On the other hand, the continuous text is presented in the so-called bread script. Good legibility should be given here. The counters must not be too large or too small, and the font spacing should not be too bulky. Fonts such as Open Sans, Verdana, Arial, or Helvetica are recommended.

Implement SEO Correctly

No website can do without traffic from the search engines. Unfortunately, SEO is often neglected in web design – however, the most beautifully designed website is useless if users cannot find it.

Therefore, when designing a professional website, one must not forget to use a suitable silo structure. In addition, the search engines should quickly find the links in the navigation. It should also always be kept in mind that Google can only read texts, not images.

Use Responsive Design

The trend is that most websites are accessed via a mobile device – and the trend is rising. And since 2015, Google has also been using the mobility-friendliness factor in its ranking.

Websites not optimized for mobile devices may lose their ranking in the search results. So-called responsive web design is, therefore, an absolute must.

Forego Auto-Play And Audio Videos

As a rule, no user likes it when a website suddenly starts with a loud sound. This often happens at a completely wrong time, for example, when surfing in the office.

Therefore, it would help if you refrained from posting video or audio material on the website that is played automatically. This can significantly increase the bounce rate on the page.

Rely On Clear Navigation

Navigation plays one of the most critical roles in web design. Many website owners underestimate this. If visitors don’t find what they’re looking for on the site, they’ll quickly leave.

Therefore, it is advisable not to choose the names of the navigation elements too creatively. The page where the contact details can be found should also be labeled “Contact.”

The positioning of the navigation bar should also be selected so that the user can find it straight away and quickly understand the arrangement.

If there is a lot of content on a page, it is also worth including a search function to find what they are looking for quickly.

Web Standards Such As CSS And HTML

The functions of a website should be based on those that can be represented by the HTML or CSS standards. If an additional program has to be downloaded before it can be used, skeptical visitors will leave the website again.

Ensure A Good Loading Time

The speed at which a page load is an important SEO ranking factor should not be neglected. It is essential to optimize videos and images accordingly to achieve good loading times. On the other hand, long texts usually do not require too long loading times.

Provide Contact Information

The lack of contact information is a problem for both users and search engines. This is often an indication that it is not a legitimate website.

Contact information that is easy to find can create trust among visitors and achieve a better ranking in the search engines.

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