13 Trends For Content Marketing In 2022

It’s That Time Again. The year is almost over. A turbulent year. A year of downs. And highlights. A year in which a lot has changed in online marketing. Time to look ahead to what we can expect next year.

Trends are significant in content marketing. Why? Because it’s about aligning content with the needs of customers. It is more than helpful to have an idea of ​​​​the customers’ needs in the next year. Only if you are always one step ahead of the trends will you be on the spot with your content in good Time.

Here’s our unordered collection of developments that will matter in 2022:

Video Is Becoming Increasingly Important

Not only on YouTube and TikTok. Also, especially on business websites, videos are becoming more critical. Very important in addition to professional creation: Check how you can best measure the success of your videos. Only with the right tools can you continuously measure performance. And think about the next step: webinars and entire video series make your company the first point of contact in your industry.

Podcasts Continue To Grow

Audio and video podcasts play an essential role on the major streaming platforms. Many big brands are still not even represented in this segment. These gaps allow resourceful marketers to stand out from the crowd.

Live Video For Personal Contact

And while we’re all at home most of the Time, we hunger for personal connections. Live video is an excellent opportunity for your customers to come into intimate contact with your company. The possibilities for this will undoubtedly increase in 2022. Not just 1:1. Live to a stream of new products, events of all kinds and much more continues to grow.

Creativity To The Point Is Needed More Than Ever

TikTok is booming. Memes attract significant attention. With 3 minutes of image videos, you won’t get a millennial off the couch anymore. The trend is towards 3 seconds when it decides whether your video will be watched or continue swiping. Speed ​​is increasingly winning over thoroughness.

People Want Personal Stories

We are all disturbed by the corona, distance and working from home. Right now, we need personal stories; see the current Penny and Aldi spots. That applies to every company. We want to see the stories behind the products and their very personal uses.

Content Marketing On The Intranet Is Becoming Increasingly Important

It is no coincidence that the purpose has become a vast topic. Not only customers are interested in the overarching goal of your company. Above all, your employees want to know what your company stands for. This requires storytelling in your internal communication.

Artificial Intelligence Only Works With Good Data

2022 is the year in which you should bring your database into shape as soon as possible. AI is becoming increasingly easy to use and is revolutionizing many industries. Now is the Time to make sure your data is consolidated, simplified and scored. Think about which stories can be read from your data.

Diversity, Equality And Inclusion Become More Self-Evident

It is becoming more and more usual to write for the users and produce for the listeners. In content marketing, the equal addressing of all target groups in text, image and video is essential for more and more brands.

Fewer Channels Are More

The requirements of the individual digital channels differ. Facebook posts are very different from those on Instagram. And TikTok too. It’s better to get two channels right than five. Your users will appreciate it.

Build Communities Around Your Brand Or Company

Communities are nothing new. But several new tools make it easy for you to interact with your customers. Gather new fans with Substack, Medium and Flipboard. Slack and Discord can helpfully complement your existing social channels.

Quality Backlinks Remain Essential

In addition to on-site optimization, backlinks from high-quality pages remain a vital ranking criterion for Google. THEREFORE, online PR is becoming even more critical to use the best possible contacts to journalists for valuable backlinks.

Voice Search Will Continue To Increase

The permanent presence of our smartphones, also when driving, reinforces the trend towards searching by voice input. This results in new search combinations, especially in the form of questions. The answers must be prepared for every search engine optimizer on their website.

Quality Is Essential

Internet users are becoming increasingly impatient. Dwell times on websites are shorter. The layout is always comparable. And the competition is more significant. You can only convince your customers with top content. And only excellent content has the potential to be passed on by your customers.

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