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5 Tips To Improve Your Corporate Website

Building a website is a fundamental step for a company that wants to land on the internet. But how to behave? Most corporate sites are institutional; they need to create the proper involvement in visitors, turning them into simple and useless showcase sites. Sometimes they are left to their own devices or need to be signed up to date, forcing the company to give up a tool that, if used well, can become the focal point of the activity and the nerve center of the communication system. So here are some tips to improve the company website and increase engagement ( involvement) towards users.

The Site Must Satisfy Users, Not Executives

Let’s start from this fundamental point: the website gives visibility to the company in the digital world, illustrating the products and services offered. The company must therefore design an institutional site and set up communication so that the commercial message reaches the user without any distortion.

In other words, the site must be designed with customers in mind(potential or already acquired), and they should find it captivating and engaging, not the company executives! The communication plan must be developed on the needs of the niche clientele we want to interest. Therefore we eliminate all types of technical jargon used within the company and avoid using a marketing and self-promotional approach.

The Site Must Be Navigable

Incomplete menus, unclear home pages, uncategorized products… These are serious errors that we will pay for bitterly because they confuse users and prevent them from quickly reaching the information they seek. The user experience (the experience that the user will have while visiting our site) is fundamental, and the more we can involve him, the more he will return to visit us. So let’s make sure that the menu is visible, straightforward, and complete; we make sure that through the home page, it is clear what services and products the company offers, and if we have it, we insert an e-commerce section that emphasizes the latest developments.

In addition, we avoid burdening the site with overly elaborate pages containing useless animations or gifs. The trick to success is based on simplicity, which will make the page clearer and reduce the page’s loading. Let’s not forget that traffic also comes from mobiles, so designing your own “responsive” site (through a structure that is easily accessible from both desktops and tablets or smartphones) will allow us to involve much more users.

Create Quality Content

Describing services and products within the company website is mandatory, but other types of content can be exploited. Creating quality content that involves the niche of users we are targeting or solves some problems they might run into will give us that added value that “showcase sites” don’t offer. But let’s be careful with content marketing(original content creation) effectively, then posting something periodically without leaving that section inactive for too long. A site whose latest news dates back to the year before (or even several years before) loses reliability and leaves a sense of neglect that the user will notice. It is an excellent habit to publish new content at least once a month or more.

The Right Images

It’s not just the texts communicating but also the images we place alongside a product, an article, or publish to highlight the company. Each photograph can emphasize what the user is reading and convey that message more transparently and effectively. Furthermore, if optimized from an SEO perspective, they will help the site’s positioning in search engines. But be careful: too heavy images will slow down page loading and consequently damage the user experience.

The Importance Of Social Media

In today’s digital age, more than a website is needed. To honestly give a voice to the company, it is also necessary to include the profiles of the reference social networks in the communication plan, which collect many possible customers. Each content published on the site must be bounced and shared through the company’s social profiles to give it as much visibility as possible; let’s not forget that social networks are characterized by solid user interaction, and adding a button for sharing content on social networks, directly inside it, is essential for the users themselves to do part of the promotional work, sharing it on their profiles.

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