Guerrilla Marketing: Economic Brand Awareness For E-Commerce

“Marketing is expensive!”. Any individual with an on-the-web or disconnected store realizes that a mission’s expenses can plague. How to get results economically? With guerrilla marketing. Today we talk to you about this strategy, which offers excellent advertising resonance at low costs.

Guerrilla Marketing: What Does It Mean?

What this type of marketing has in familiarity with the fighting form is, therefore, the element of surprise. Campaigns designed this way take the public off guard, engaging in its daily chores and exploiting the intense emotional response to unexpected action. Of design time and creativity.

Types Of Guerrilla Marketing

It might seem like a niche form of marketing, but in reality, Guerrilla Marketing is used to the point that it can be divided into several subcategories :

  1. Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing: consists of adding something to the pre-existing urban architecture. For example, you can add something removable to a statue or use a momentary installation.
  2. Indoor Guerrilla Marketing: similar to the previous one, it takes place inside public places, such as stations, shops, shopping malls, etc.
  3. Event Ambush Guerrilla Marketing: similar to a flash mob. It consists of exploiting the presence of a crowd that has already gathered for other reasons, such as a football match or a concert, to promote a product or service (generally without the permission of those who organized or participated in the event itself ).
  4. Experiential Guerrilla Marketing: everything we described above, but in this case, it requires the direct participation of the public, who try the advertised product or service firsthand.
  5. Digital Guerrilla Marketing: a campaign that takes hold in the online world

For E- Commerce

While it might seem counterproductive at first glance, advertising your product or brand in the “real world” is a great way to get your target group’s attention. The watchword is impacted. In the digital world, AdBlockers fight against pop-ups and could hide your advertising efforts and frustrate your efforts and expenses. However, there is yet to be an effective way out there (yet?) to hide ads. Showing your products out on the street, where they can’t be ignored, gets people to know your brand. Whether online or offline, always try to get to know your target group and aim not to be seen and known by anyone but focus on people who can become potential buyers.

Some Ideas For Guerrilla Marketing

What could you leverage to make your online store recognizable in the real world? Even if not very original, you can be on the safe side with these gimmicks.

  1. Consider opening a physical pop-up store
  2. Distribute stickers: in this way, those who buy from you can cover the city with your logo
  3. Take advantage of Phygital: the real and digital worlds are increasingly closely interconnected. Creating content on TikTok to advertise your e-Commerce and partnering with influencers is always a winning strategy
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of gifts – who doesn’t like getting something for free? Giving away a “live” test item can drive digital traffic to your online store.

Guerrilla Marketing: Examples

Of course, you can take advantage of the advice we have given you above, but to work well, Guerrilla Marketing must have a significant impact to allow your brand to go viral even on the net (think of shares on social networks! ). Often, for brands, the most crucial step is to open a conversation with potential customers, make their product known and stand out from the competition.

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