5 Ways How To Download Photos From MacBook Air To USB

MacBook Air offers an assorted range of apps and tools to store, see, and edit images. Unfortunately, most of these apps don’t help in accessing the pictures on other devices away from the MacBook.

If you’re struggling to get an answer to how to download photos from MacBook Air to USB, you’re at the right place. Here, you will go through multiple ways to transfer photos to a USB to easily take them wherever you want.

Move Photos from MacBook to Flash Drive

Plug your USB flash drive into your MacBook’s USB port. Tap on the Finder icon to access a Finder window. Select the device icon for your drive on the left and let the Finder window open. Find the required photos and select them in a row using the Shift key.

To choose several non-consecutive photos:

  1. Use the Command key.
  2. Drag the chosen photos to the Finder window with your drive.
  3. Drop them on seeing the green plus symbol.
  4. Check storage on Mac after transferring photos, as you may need to free up some space.

Transfer Images with Mac Finder

Connect your USB flash drive to your MacBook and open the Finder window. Keep the Finder window open when proceeding to other steps. Now, find the folder to transfer photos to your drive.

Press the Command key to choose multiple photos. If you want, you can select the complete folder altogether. Tap on the selected photos and drag and drop them into the Finder window. Not just with Mac, but you can use this method to share photos with other devices.

Share Photos through Mac Photos

Another solution for how to download photos from MacBook Air to USB is using Mac Photos. This program allows you to quickly locate the pictures from the Library using the search bar and transfer them onto your USB.

To transfer images:

  1. Connect your USB flash drive to your device’s USB port.
  2. Access Photos on your device and choose the photos you want to move to your drive.
  3. Tap File and choose Export. You can also export Unmodified Original or Edited versions of images.

Copy Files from MacBook to Drive

It is much easier to copy files from MacBook to an external hard drive. If you know where the required file is located, you can copy them in just a few minutes. Go to the folder on your hard drive where you wish to save the files.

Now, drag and drop those files from the Finder window of Mac into the window of an external hard drive. You can check the progress in the status bar on the screen. Just wait for some time until you see the complete transfer.

Move Images to External Hard Drive

To export pictures from MacBook Hard Drive to an external hard drive, use the Photos app as stated above. Connect an external drive to the MacBook via a USB cable. The icon of an external hard drive will appear on the desktop. Twice tap on this icon to see the files on the drive.

Find the required photos using the Finder search tool. If you don’t know where the photos are on the internal hard drive, find them using Spotlight. Tap the device name and hit Pictures. Find and choose the photos. Drag chosen pictures to the external hard drive window.

Does MacBook Air Have USB Ports?

The 2021 MacBook Air has a pair of USB-4 ports as well as MagSafe in a lighter design. However, the SD card slot again comes to the MacBook Pro. MacBook Air and 2015 and later versions never consist of an SD slot.

MacBook Air comes with DisplayPort, Charging, USB 3.1 Gen 2, USB 4, and Thunderbolt 3. USB ports are coming back with a 14-inch MacBook Pro. The latest MacBook Air models have 2 USB ports.

Why Can’t MacBook Identify USB?

If an inserted flash drive is not appearing on your Mac, then first give a simple restart to your Mac. Then, look for the physical connectivity problems on the MacBook and try a device in an alternate port. Another solution is to check your settings.

For this, navigate to Finder. Click Preferences and then tap the Sidebar. Mark the External Disks option under Locations. Doing this will help in ensuring that linked devices will appear normally in the Finder.

The Conclusion

Downloading or transferring photos from MacBook Air to any USB or an external drive helps in backing up data. You can even free up some storage space by sharing photos to other drives and deleting them from your Mac.

Use the above-mentioned methods to transfer images from MacBook Air to USB. If you are not able to do so due to any cause of failure, then change the permission settings. You may also require changing these settings for the folder, server, or disk.

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