Amazon Business: Advantages And Disadvantages For Companies

In many companies, the timely cost calculation, reordering, and approval of work and office materials still mean a high expenditure of time and effort. The Amazon Business Program can offer the solution here. The procurement process is simplified by using Amazon’s business offering. The specific company information, such as the corresponding cost center, can always be stored, and Amazon Business users can view the order history at any time. In addition, users benefit from attractive volume discounts.

The concept of Amazon Business is straightforward and uncomplicated in its handling. Whether hand soap, coffee powder, dishes, computer mice, or printer paper – companies usually need goods that include many different products. Approving each product and listing it in the budget planning takes time and workforce.

Using Amazon Business makes it possible for a single administrator to distribute access rights to multiple users who can access the company account and view fixed budgets or ordering guidelines. During the ordering process, specific information, such as cost centers, can be stored individually for the company’s . Ordering on the account is also an option to provide uniform accounting for the finance department.

The Services Of Amazon Business

The requirements in modern companies are complex, so the Amazon Business offer is specially designed to enable several employees to participate in the ordering process. For example, a technically experienced employee can save suppliers and products in the Amazon Business Account and thus profitably share his knowledge with colleagues. A definition of the essential equipment for new colleagues can also be saved, or the preferred cleaning utensils can be stored for the cleaning team.

A note will automatically appear in the shopping cart if atypical products are added to the company account. In addition, a specific release process can also be established in which different employees are involved.

The gross and net prices are visible for almost all products in the Amazon Business Account, which makes a comparison faster and easier. Corresponding procurement analyzes make the consumption of the goods more transparent.

The Advantages At A Glance

  • More than 250 million products are available
  • Support for many purchasing systems 
  • Volume discounts available on certain products
  • Optional purchase on account
  • Payment terms of 30 days
  • Procurement analyzes visible
  • It can be used jointly by the administrator and several employees
  • PO numbers can be stored
  • Specific company information, such as budget limits or cost centers, can be preset

Amazon Business – The Disadvantages At A Glance

  • In individual cases, users report problems when it comes to determining the SEPA direct debit
  • Individual entrepreneurs who are not entered in the commercial register point out that it was not possible to create a business account because they were not accepted as a company by Amazon
  • The minimum order value for free shipping is 29 euros

The Cost Of Amazon Business

Amazon Business offers different packages for different company sizes divided into Basic, Small, Medium, and Unlimited.

The basic package, which a maximum of three different users can use, is available from EUR 70 per year, while the small box, which is intended for a maximum of ten users, costs EUR 200. The medium package with a maximum of 100 users costs EUR 500 per year, and the giant box, “Unlimited,” with a “limited number of users, is available for EUR 4,000 per year.

If more than two different users use the system, it is worth using Amazon Business Prime. In addition to free shipping without a specified minimum order value, there are additional advantages.

Conclusion: Amazon Business Is An Excellent Solution For Simplifying The Ordering Process

The Amazon Business offer for corporate customers is generally perfect and helpful for larger companies and small businesses. In particular, the possibility of purchasing on the account and the large variety of products should be positively emphasized. In addition, the report can be managed very easily. Nevertheless, the ordered goods should withstand a price comparison at regular intervals since Amazon is not the cheapest provider for all products.

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