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By gone are the days of picture tube TV’s as most of the homes today are adorned with Android TV’s. Android TVs are purchased by many now-a-days as they are great sources of entertainment with numerous features. Unlike the old ones you can watch numerous programs, movies and other entertainment shows in HD quality at your fingertips.

So, to start enjoying watching programs on your new Android TV there is an installation process carried out in a few simple methods ““. We will discuss them clearly in this article so that you can install your TV easily within a few minutes.

An Android TV is a smart operating system developed by Google that is designed to support TVs, digital media players, soundbars and services. It is also designed to access android applications and games. You can access a wide range of multimedia services simply with the help of a remote control.

Android TVs come up with special features like Google Chromecast where you can picturize the content on your android device like phone/tablet on your android TV. It also has voice control integration called the Google Assistant which lets you give the commands with your voice.

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At first you need to run a process of installation to register with your Google account. You can also use Google Assistant if needed. You can also install the required apps from Google Play store and register the device with the manufacturer.

The installation process is done in three different ways. It is either by using another android phone or through a web browser or entering the data manually. The first two methods are simple and easy to follow. The third one is a bit inconvenient to handle.

  • To start the process, you need to make sure whether your Android TV is all set externally. To do that please check the following steps.
  • Connect the Android TV by following the manufacturer’s instructions. (To the power outlet of TV and free HDMI port).
  • Turn on the TV and select the HDMI to which the device is connected.
  • Now, choose the language and go to the next screen.
  • You can connect to your Android phone if you have one and adjust the settings. Otherwise click ‘Skip’ to choose the settings through ‘’ or you can enter the data manually which is quite cumbersome

Android TV Setup With The Help Of Another Android Device Like Phone Or Tablet

Following are the ways to set up your Android TV with an android device like a phone.

  • Open settings on your phone and then search for Google options.
  • Click “Set and Restore” and “Configure with Nearby Device.”
  • Now click on “Next” so that your mobile phone detects Android TV after a few seconds of searching.
  • Now make sure that the same code is displayed on both the TV screen and mobile phone and click on “Next”.
  • Connect the Android TV to a Wi-Fi network and let Google to copy it from your mobile phone to your android TV device. You have to authorize the operation.
  • Then select the Google account you will use to connect on Android TV.
  • With the data connected from your phone Google will set up your android TV: The process is completed by accepting the conditions on your device.
  • Your android TV may ask you to install a few apps. You can select the ones you want to download, or you can skip the screen.
  • The installation process is completed, and the Android TV is all set to use.

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Configure Android TV By Using “”

We showed you how simple it is to set up an android Tv with the help of another android device. Now we will show you how to install the Android TV without the phone in a few easy steps. To make this happen Google has come up with a website to help in installation of your Android TV. All you require is a browser to access it. (valid for both desktop and mobile).

  • Click on the ‘Skip’ option on your Android TV screen and connect the device with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now log in with your Google account: Select ‘Use your phone or computer’ that helps you to escape the job of typing with your remote control. If there is no browser available readily then log in from the remote control.
  • Now open a web browser and go to the “”. Note down the code that appears on the Android TV screen.
  • Then log in to the browser with your Google account that gets activated on your Android TV.
  • Now accept the terms and conditions of use to finish the setup on your Android TV. Select the apps you want to install and enter the remaining information required to formalize the setup.

The two above mentioned methods to set up the “” are simple and take less than five minutes. Once you have connected the device to the TV, Wi-Fi and your Google account, you can enjoy it with all the applications available by default on Google Play Store. Netflix, Movistar +, HBO, Disney + and many more. The Android TV is a source to endless entertainment such as movies, TV shows, web series, documentaries, games, cartoon shows, animations etc.

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