Apps: From Creation To Release

More and more companies want to improve the service for their customers with their smartphone app., But many private individuals and founders also have ideas for great apps that they would like to implement. But how does it work?

The apps are written in a programming language, as with other software programs. Android systems use Java, while iOS apps use Swift and Objective-C.

Therefore, it is advantageous to have previous knowledge of Java for the creation of Android apps. However, a construction kit can also be used to program your app. The following article shows which steps are necessary to implement a successful app launch in the Play Store and inspire other people with the app.

App Builder For App Programming

Practical kits for programming apps are particularly well suited for beginners. Online construction kits of this type are now available from many providers. Apps can be created quickly and simply without specialist knowledge in programming.

No extensive knowledge of Java is required to program your app for Android systems. The straightforward user interface of the construction kits already offers all the necessary functions to design an application. Elements can be simply dragged and dropped onto a virtual interface and arranged as desired using a drag and drop function.

The construction kits are almost entirely self-explanatory. For example, it is possible to use different themes, add and arrange images, insert text elements and integrate maps. According to the user’s specifications, the respective Java codes behind the individual components are assembled in the background.

Since the selection of different providers of app construction kits is vast, you should find out in advance which construction kit can create which type of app. A distinction is made between the two categories.

A mobile-friendly website containing various elements known from classic apps is called a Progressive Web App, PWA for short. These applications can only be opened in the browser – they cannot be downloaded from app stores. The classic applications downloaded from the famous Apple and Google app stores are native apps. In some cases, it is even possible to use them offline.

Typically, most app builders charge users a monthly fee for usage. Depending on the respective requirements, the period of use, and the provider, creating a market-ready app can cost several hundred euros. However, this is much cheaper than hiring a professional Java developer to make an application. If the app is offered in the respective app store, additional costs for provision or hosting may apply.

The Release Of The App

Once an app has been programmed, it must meet specific criteria published in the app store. A Google account and access to the Google Play Console are required for the Google Play Store.

The app can then be officially published or uploaded for a test phase. It usually takes a few hours for the approval process to go through and release the app.

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