Best Sites For Smart Home Products Alternative To Amazon

Do you know that you can find products cheaper than those on Amazon.com? Yes, that’s right! Whether you’re looking for the best deal, or you want to buy something unique for your smart home, we have rounded up a list of top sites like Amazon that are worth buying from.


Have you been looking for a smart devices shop that can enhance your lifestyle? Look no further than Better1! The Better1 company is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company dedicated to bringing you the highest quality in electronic products from local and global brands.

Each of their products has been thoroughly researched and quality-tested by their team of professionals to ensure quality and longevity. Unlike other online websites, Better1 has developed the Better1 website to be easy to navigate. Its products are not only classified according to their categories or brands, but also according to their utility spaces.

With their curated collection, you will not need to trawl through a number of sections looking for the right product for you. At Better1, you can buy the right electronic product in just a few clicks.

What They Sell: Accessories | Audio | Computing | Connectivity | Cool Things | Fitness | Office Equipment | Security | Smart Home | Video | Travel Tech | Smartphone

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You are likely to discover everything on this platform, whether you want to start a small shop on eBay or are seeking a rare first edition book. When eBay first launched, it was primarily a website for placing bids on items that are up for auction. Although it still provides auctions, consumers can purchase both new and used smart home goods right away.

What They Sell: New and pre-loved items

Google Shopping

Imagine a platform where you could get all of the online reviews and costs for a certain product in one location. Google Shopping serves that purpose for you. Being the clear market leader in search, Google’s shopping function gives users access to every promotion, discount, and product description from every site before buying anything.

What They Sell: Consumer electronics | Apparel | Accessories | Homeware | Smart Home Appliances | Outdoor sporting goods | Toys | Books


You can buy online and find discounts and cashback offers from the stores and websites you love with Rakuten. You simply need to install the Rakuten browser extension on your browser, then carry on shopping as usual to earn cashback that can be redeemed for gift cards or deposited into your PayPal account.

What They Sell: Electronics | Home & outdoor | Smart Home Devices | Shoes | Accessories | Bags & Luggage


It is one of the biggest superstore chains in North America. Walmart enables customers to shop for all of their daily needs under one roof. Walmart also has its Walmart+ subscription service, which costs $12.95 per month or $98 annually and allows users to take advantage of free shipping with no minimum purchase need.

What They Sell: Home Furnishings | Home Decor | Kitchen Appliances | Apparel | Beauty | Accessories


For millions of customers around the world, Amazon has served as a one-stop shop but there are some really great alternatives to Amazon. Try any of the above options if you can’t use Amazon for some reason, need something urgently and they can’t deliver, or you just want a different experience. Better1 is one of our best picks from the list above. Happy Shopping!

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