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Content Marketing As An Acquisition Strategy

Acquisition – or attraction – is the first phase of the sales funnel. It consists of awakening a new person’s interest in getting to know your brand and turning them into visitors and, later, potential buyers or leads.

One way to do this is to show a problem or a need that the person himself had not yet identified that he had. But it’s not enough to be just any problem, but one for which you have a solution to present.

For example, a company specializing in digital marketing can create content showing the disadvantages of selling offline only and how low the cost-benefit ratio of this strategy is. Thus, a seller looking for ways to improve his sales can come across this content and discover a possible problem there, that is, increase his level of awareness.

Content Marketing

Content creation is a very effective way to attract new people to discover your brand. This strategy lets you answer people’s questions, creating authority and relevance in addition to being a direct way to increase your audience’s level of awareness.

Content marketing can be carried out in different formats. Check out some of them below!

1 – Blogs

The blog is an exciting resource that can be created as a page within your institutional website or in parallel with your virtual store. It is a powerful tool for creating content, allowing you to move through different topics and test different formats quickly.

2 – Video

According to YouTube’s statistics, today, there are more than 2 billion users on this platform, that is, more than a third of the people on the internet.

Despite its growing popularity, video is still the most challenging format to create, as the process is more protracted and expensive. In addition to creating the script with all the information you want to transmit and thinking about the setting of your video, there is still the recording and editing process to be done.

For a good result, it is essential to value the quality of your equipment, such as the camera and microphone, which may require a little more investment in infrastructure. However, with the advancement of technology in cell phones and even the lower prices of some equipment, this format has become more democratic, being an exciting option depending on your audience.

3 – Social Networks

The Global State of Digital survey indicated that 4.20 billion people are on some social network, almost 54% of the world’s population. The most used is still Facebook, with 2.7 billion active accounts.

Each social network has its particularities, but interestingly, you can produce organic content or create ads on most of them. Another exciting feature is that some networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, also have a marketplace allowing quick purchases.

4 – eBooks And Email Marketing

Offering more in-depth content in e-book formats is widely used in some niches. The e-book increases the perception of value for your audience since it is usually material with more details and depth than the previous ones and is still available for free.

To download it, it is common for you to be redirected to a landing page, where you will enter your personal information in exchange for the e-book. This strategy is commonly combined with email marketing.

With visitor information and permission to send communications obtained on the landing page, it is possible to create personalized lists for each segment of visitors according to their interests. In addition to maintaining communication with interested users, these emails can generate an increased connection with your brand.

It is worth remembering that it is essential that the user leaves his permission to send these communications and that he can also unsubscribe from the list at any time.

What is the ideal format to use content marketing as a good acquisition strategy for your product or service? The answer, unfortunately, is the cliché: it depends. The idea is to create a strategy with multiple channels and analyze which one or which ones will best suit your audience.

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