Why AI Is The New Wave Of Digital Marketing Innovation

Artificial Intelligence can be associated with a science fiction vision, where powerful machines subjugate people. 

Possibly, with the extinction of our species, at the moment when they, the intelligent machines, realize that we are no longer useful in the world. But, these ideas are far from being likely in the real scenario.

Even because Artificial Intelligence, AI, has already arrived and is present in our daily lives, solving problems. It is already in companies improving processes. And, most likely, you must have already talked to a “little robot” without realizing it. 

This is the first of a series of articles discussing Artificial Intelligence applied to Digital Marketing. But first, how about approaching this subject without fears, myths, and guesses?

Artificial Intelligence, the New Wave of Innovation

We’ve already had other waves of the Industrial Revolution. This is the fourth. Undeniably, the fact is that since the first, the evolution of tools has increased human capabilities. What we live in today with Artificial Intelligence is no different. And, in that sense, it should come as no surprise to anyone. 

Not to extend too much, let’s look at what happened in recent years, from the arrival of the personal computer, cloud computing, and the Smartphone. Above all, the development of these technologies is a natural trend that goes in the direction of taking you where you want to go, in a much smarter, faster and more intuitive way. 

Science fiction books and films have a captive audience and occupy a special place in the popular imagination. But, associating Artificial Intelligence with just that is to close your eyes to a wave of innovation already hitting us, increasingly intense and quick.

From now on, we will treat this subject as a given of reality, a present challenge, and a bet on the future.

After All, What Is AI, And What Can It Do For Us?

As with all news, ideas around Artificial Intelligence are consolidating, and it has proven to be too broad for a single definition. With each article, we deepen the concept. Let’s start with the term itself.

The words refer to an intelligence that is human-like or simulates it. And that doesn’t just apply to robots – doll-shaped machines – but to computers, software, and devices.  

Therefore, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to learn and imitate human behavior. 

We know that, for us to make decisions, our brain detects patterns. The same applies to AI, which uses computing algorithms on a scale incredibly larger than ours. 

The machine can simulate our learning ability and make faster and more accurate decisions. 

And that’s why forward-thinking companies are eager to benefit from this competitive advantage in all their areas, especially in Digital Marketing. 

Artificial Intelligence Applied To Digital Marketing

We know that Digital Marketing brings together a set of strategies capable of promoting a brand, a product, a service, an image, or an idea on the Internet. 

In addition, what differentiates Digital from traditional strategies (such as TV, radio, and newspapers) is using online channels (such as social networks, emails, search engines, and paid media) and metrics that allow analyzing objective results. , In real-time. 

The most appropriate uses of AI in Digital Marketing go through Machine Learning. We will address this important subject in the next articles. For now, let’s conceptualize it, to continue to develop our reasoning.

Namely, Machine Learning specifically refers to the ability of the machine to learn by itself, without the need for programming. Remember that in this article, we talked about learning and decision-making? That’s it, simple as that.

In this sense, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing have everything to do. 

First, imagine the possibilities that arise, the ability to accelerate processes with maximum performance, and perform complex and incredibly bulky tasks accurately and quickly.

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