Easyhoster: What Is This Web Host Worth?

For website owners, choosing a web host is essential. There are several and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Easyhoster is one of the most popular web hosts of the moment. But what is this hosting solution really worth? Answer in this article!

Easyhoster In A Few Lines

This is a relatively recent French-speaking website hosted on a human scale. It is both reliable and straightforward to use. Its particularity is that it is not just a simple host. Indeed, it can, for example, carry out interventions on WordPress. Its mission is to make web hosting and the creation of WordPress sites accessible to everyone. Reliability and stability are the keywords of Easyhoster. After this little presentation, it is time to analyze the specificities of this host and see if its reputation is really justified.


For your website to perform well, the type of storage your web host uses is essential. You should know that Easyhoster is equipped with 100% NVMe storage to ensure better performance. Furthermore, the host offers unlimited bandwidth and traffic while guaranteeing an availability rate greater than 99%. For greater transparency, the latter is displayed publicly via a link from customer accounts.

Thanks to servers combining speed and stability, your website benefits from optimal loading time. Unlike other hosts, which host a considerable number of sites on a single server, Easyhoster limits the number of clients on each server. The servers are not overloaded in order to offer the best performance. With this host, you can easily host a resource-intensive site.

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Security And Backup

Faced with cyberattacks, Easyhoster is able to provide optimal protection thanks to anti-DDdos technology (the best on the market). In addition, the data centers are located in France (Haut-de-France and Grand-Est regions). You will not have to worry about your confidential data because it is preserved. For maximum security, the data is replicated in three countries. You also have a certain number of tools at your disposal to manage your security: anti-spam, anti-malware with i360 automatic cleaning, strict firewalls… In short, it will be difficult for hackers to break into your website!

In addition to the security aspect, Easyhoster applies an effective backup policy. In the event of a problem, you, therefore, avoid losing your data as the host has implemented backup and restoration procedures. All it takes is a simple request for technical support to obtain a restoration. Please note that it is possible to subscribe to your stand-alone backups.


The Easyhoster web host includes many features. Among the most interesting are the cPanel management interface and its multiple options. You will be able to access the management of DNS, email accounts or even FTP accounts. Then, thanks to the Softaculous module, you can quickly install any CMS. Another advantage of Easyhoster: you can change your IP on request! It must be recognized that this is only sometimes the case with specific hosts.

Customer Support

Easyhoster’s customer support is very efficient. He is very responsive; he is able to provide a professional response as quickly as possible. If you encounter any problem, the team is attentive, and you can be sure that we will respond to you in less than 24 hours. Do you have questions about WordPress? Due to its experience in creating a website with WordPress, the Easyhoster team will be able to help you. To contact customer support, you have two options: either by telephone or by email.


Depending on the profiles and projects, Easyhoster offers various offers. The first offer starts at 2.99 euros/month allowing you to host a website while having a hosting capacity of 1 GB. This “Light” offer is ideal for an ultra-minimalist WordPress site. Then there is the “Personal” offer available from 4.99 euros/month. You can host two websites and create up to 10 email accounts! You also benefit from 3 GB of storage.

This is perfect for the majority of CMS-based sites. Finally, the “Pro” offer offered at 7.99 euros/month gives you the possibility of hosting four websites and benefiting from 6 GB of storage. Additionally, you can create a maximum of 20 email accounts. With this offer, the migration, as well as the domain name, are free. The “Pro” offer is perfect for sites that are demanding both in terms of performance and in terms of volume (large quantity of photos).

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Easyhoster?


  • Robust infrastructure, including high-performance servers, ensuring ultra-fast loading times
  • Availability rate exceeding 99%
  • Cool features like cPanel or Softaculous
  • High protection against hacks and DDdos attacks
  • Data centers located in France
  • 100% NVMe storage
  • Satisfactory customer support
  • Effective backup policy
  • Several tools for security and performance management
  • There are no hidden fees upon renewal
  • Free internal migration services

The lessers

  • The number of accommodations is limited
  • For some offers, the domain name is not offered
  • Entry offers don’t include many functions
  • The prices are a little high if we refer to other competing solutions


EasyHoster is suitable for both beginners and more experienced profiles. However, if you plan to host a large number of websites (hundreds, for example), you may be disappointed. Furthermore, the prices may seem a little high compared to the competition, but given the performance offered, it is definitely worth it!

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